Full Cold SuperMoon – Messages from the Subconscious

Dec 2017 Supermoon The Full “Cold” Moon in Gemini heralds Mercury retrograde. This Sun square Neptune Supermoon of 2017 is around the corner and about to grace the winter skies. Stargazers and astronomers are excited by the Supermoon which appears bigger and brighter as we are given a wonderful lunar treat by Mother Nature this… Continue reading Full Cold SuperMoon – Messages from the Subconscious

Trusted psychics, recommendations & reviews

Recommended Psychics, Who can you trust ? I have just had a message from a very good friend of mine saying that she has been approached by a certain Psychic offering free readings. I did a simple Google search and found that this lady was the front of an organisation who offer a free reading… Continue reading Trusted psychics, recommendations & reviews