The Harvest Moon – Boost your psychic Wi-Fi

Harvest Moon - Fantasy & Illusion
Harvest Moon – Boost Your Intuition

September the 6th 8.02am welcomes the Full Moon referred to as the Harvest Moon.

The Harvest Moon was so called by Native American tribes who used lunar activity to keep track of the seasons. If the full Moon was at its peak while the crops were being harvested, workers could work late in to the night under the light of the Harvest Moon.

This full moon is heavily influenced by Pisces & Neptune causing confusion & illusion. Now is not the time to give in to illusion and idealistic dreams, particularly as this lunar configuration can bring with it hugely increased sensitivity. Be wary of heightened emotions that could easily corrupt perceptions. Mis-read situations could easily escalate disagreements into full blown arguments, imagined suspicions could morph into fully fledged paranoid delusions. Be good to yourself this month, be careful that any repetitive destructive behaviours are addressed & kept under control.

This Full Moon fires your subconscious, making you super sensitive and boosting your psychic Wi-Fi, be careful to focus your signal, filter all impressions until you are sure you are getting accurate information. People around you will naturally migrate towards your empathetic nature this month. This moon phase will be challenging on many levels for people who may feel that they are being treated unfairly, that the Universe is dealing them a bad hand. You can however choose to feel energised and compassionate, your words and actions can have a genuinely powerful healing energy at this time, so remember just how powerful your words can be.

Nocturnal illusions on the boundary of sleep can be unsettling, though should be embraced. Lucid dreaming is possible as we move ever closer to Halloween and the veil begins to thin. Spirituality, whatever that means to you, can connect you to your life purpose. Deja Vu and intuitive flashes can reconnect you to a long held vision of how your life can develop, your true purpose can be revealed in the light of this full moon.

Any neglected crystals should be placed in the light of the Full Moon to retune their energy and reconnect you with them, raising your vibrational energy. Moldavite is my most powerful talisman & I will be recharging my favourite specimen in the light of the Harvest or Corn Moon.

Quite obviously the Tarot card that resonates is The Moon – Ruler of Flux and Reflux. You can connect & read more about the Moon card from my Major Arcana here.

I sincerely hope the energy of the next full moon goes some way to rebalancing the uncertainty of recent times for you. Remember not to give in to heightened sensitivity, make sure that any plans and ambitions are realistic as you step in to this exciting new chapter.

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