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Review 2014 under the last full moon of 2014
Last Full Moon of 2014 – Get ready for some Lunar magic !

As 2014 draws to a close, What You Need To Know About Astrology Right Now

If you know about astrology, then you know that there are certain days which are incredibly important. You’ll also know that in astrology, there are certain times when you can gain incredible good fortune if you observe the signs.
As you know whether you understand astrology or not, December is a time of great change for a lot of us. The year is coming to a close, and as we might worry about our progress from the last year, we will also be looking forward to a New Year beginning. You might have succeeded at last year’s resolutions, or you might have failed. You might have Christmas shopping to do, or you might have tasks and appointments that your boss expects completed by the winter break.
A person with a keen interest in astrology needs to know that this Saturday 6th December is a very important day. It is the last full moon of the year 2014, and as such, it holds tremendous astral power. The full moon is a sign of tranquility, magic and contemplation. Regardless of your own star sign, you need to use this date to reflect and to relax. Your worldly worries can wait. Use this Saturday to draw power from the last full moon of 2014, and let the astrological powers grant you tranquility, calm and an inner resolve which will allow you to look backwards and forwards with a sense of accomplishment and wonder. If you allow this to happen, you can expect to receive many magical moments and fortunate coincidences over this period and into the New Year.
As our site has a global audience, we need to make something clear about astrology: where you live will affect the time that the moon is at its most powerful. When the moon is at its apex, you will find that its power is strongest. In London, for instance, the astrological event will be strongest at 12:26pm; this is according to Greenwich Mean-Time, GMT. Depending where you are in the world, you might feel the astrological effects into the earlier hours of Sunday morning depending on your time zone.
This event is about realising that even in the busy, modern world, we don’t have to fight for tranquility. We can all take a moment to experience peace of mind. We can take a moment and exhale, and find inner peace if we just listen for it. This will help us, for after all, our lives take place inside us as much as outside us.
In short, remember that at 12:26GMT on Saturday 6th December 2014 and for the few hours remaining afterwards, it will be the most powerful time in astrology for the rest of the year. It will be the last full moon of the year, and as such, it will be a time to contemplate and reflect. You might feel in your day to day life that you have to fight for inner freedom, but if you allow yourself to breathe slowly and deeply, you’ll find that the answers you seek are right there waiting for you.

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