Just listen

just listen
I spent a lovely evening last night, fabulous venue, amazing company.
As we left a lady said “I must book a reading, that was amazing”.
I had done absolutely nothing except held eye contact with her and
J U S T  L I S T E N E D
For the duration of her glass of wine, I was 100% there for her. I got it ALL, both barrels. Her boss, her useless boyfriend :), her vet, her kids, the weird pain in her leg – EVERYTHING
Sometimes that’s all someone needs. To be heard
” Just be there for someone today”
If you are lucky enough to be there for someone today. Do that. Just be there, 100%.
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Tarot Today The Page of Cups

This Page like all pages, obviously has a message, at the moment he is appearing in various guises with noticeable regularity.

He is useful when delving in to relationships that have taken a battering though our recent periods of craziness.

This page has the dual challenge of creativity & emotional intelligence.

Balancing the two is a constant emotional rollercoaster. I’m extremely creative but that creativity needs to be channelled & focused if it is to manifest as anything but chasing my tail or drama.

I love when the Page appears in a relationship tarot spread. Perfect true love is available to the questioner if they can only learn to keep their emotions in check. Any damaging traits, such as a jealous nature need to be addressed.

The Page of Cups – Temper you creativity, Listen for unexpected advice

Make today magical for you

Tarot Affirmation

I am Earth in the suit of Water. My 

signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces,

My  personality is driven by love. I am

emotionally stable and bring calmness

to any turbulence in your life.

Have great day, yesterday is done & dusted, tomorrow is a fantasy. Grab today & shake it. it’s the only time you’ll ever see this day, make it count.

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