Year of the Water Dragon – Chinese Astrology

Chinese dragon statue

The Dragon is set to shake things up on several fronts. Firstly the 5th Chinese Zodiac Animal, the incredible Dragon storms in to dare us to follow our dreams, take up the challenge & finally follow our passion. Fiery by nature the message of the water Dragon is to temper the flames with relaxation, really go for your dreams, but be careful to work on your work life balance. You can see my pet dragon in action as he surrounds me on my Chakras balance test page chakra energy test

Recently we have seen radical environmental change, after recent unprecedented times we will see even more changes in economies, environment, humanities, etc. Priorities will be changing for everybody & there will be a massive shift in our world, people will be connecting more than ever before, not on a superficial level, in a way that will genuinely lead to a burst in human development. If you are looking to understand how your metaphysical life may develop a phone tarot reading with one of my top psychic readers may be able to unveil your path. Things that seemed important, such as material gain purely for profit will be replaced by activities that will really nourish & inspire people to do great things & strive to finally reach their full potential.

Dragon influence

Able to see all aspects of a challenge, anyone influenced by the Dragon can expect choices, they crave relationships, though absolutely revel in their independence. Chinese relationship compatibility has been used for 1,000s of years to understand how the elements & animals interact. You can find out your sign & who best you interact with on my Chinese Astrology Compatibility page . While my chinese Astrology has been overshadowed by my western Astrology & Daily Horoscopes, the fascinating power & romance of Chinese astrology continues to fascinate me.

Chinese astrology and Chinese zodiacs date back over 2,000 years. Most people are not familiar with doctrines of Chinese astrology. It has a close relation to Chinese philosophy and the concepts of yin and yang. Chinese astrology first appeared during the Zhou Dynasty – around 1046BC. It was further expanded upon during the Han period where the usual elements associated with Chinese philosophy appeared – the theory of five elements, Confucian morality, yin and yang & Heaven and Earth. The main belief with Chinese astrology is that a personʼs destiny is determined by the position of the planetʼs at birth

There are 12 zodiac signs in Chinese astrology. All named after animals. 2012 is the year of the dragon. In Chinese culture The Dragon is regarded as a divine beast – a symbol of good fortune and power. This is quite opposed to the western view of the dragon as a scary creature. The year of the dragon occurs every twelfth year. The characteristics that people associate with someone who is born in the year of the dragon include innovation, flexibility, bravery, self-assurance, enterprise, scrutiny. The characteristics of the dragon sign are affected by one of the five Chinese elements of Wood, Fire, Metal Water and Earth. In 2012 we see the year of the Water Dragon.

The Water Dragon is more perceptive than than the dragon of the other four elements.
They are able to step back and evaluate situations and make carefully considered
decisions. They do not desire the limelight and are able to see eye-to-eye with people.
They are better equipped to deal with situations that require patience with a calmness not associated with the other Dragons.

I truly hope you manifest everything you desire.

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