The Power of New Year’s Resolutions

new year resolutions

The New Year can give us a new outlook on life and a fresh start. This is why so many people turn to New Year’s resolutions as well as yearly horoscope advice to help guide them in the coming year. It can always be difficult to tell exactly what you should be doing with your life and whether or not you are in the proper place. New Year’s resolutions can help you to create solutions to life’s biggest problems this is why so many New Year’s resolutions involve making big changes like quitting smoking, losing weight, quitting a job or even starting educational pursuits. The power of a New Year’s resolution can be extremely valuable especially if you commit to it. As a London Tarot reader I hear an awful lot of resolutions. People can be so hard on themselves, my advice is make some incremental changes every day that will build up to manifest an easier tomorrow. Here are some tips that you can follow to stick with your New Year’s resolution and feel its true power.
Write it down or save your goals: If you have a plan to guide you through the entire year it’s very important that you save this piece of paper or even print it out & place in a prominent place to make sure that you can constantly follow this guidance throughout the year. If you feel as though you could see some very positive results from following advice maybe from a phone tarot reading or by keeping your resolution make sure that you write it down so that you can think of it as a mantra and constantly have the information available and repeatable. When we write things down we are much more likely to carry through and actually complete a goal. Saving this information or writing it down is a tip to feel the real power of a New Year’s resolution and stick with it.
Ask for support: Resolutions involving other people, such as a gym partner and seeing a New Year’s resolution through also involves making connections and working with other people to see your goals through. To make sure you can complete your New Year’s resolution ask for help and support from friends or family. Asking for help from others is a great way to stay motivated as well as make sure that you have all of the emotional support to see a big resolution through.
Set achievable goals for the year: in some cases people think far too big picture and try to accomplish far too much in one year. Resolutions should be used as guides, you don’t need to accomplish a lifetimes worth of feats in just one year. Keep your goals attainable and create small goals that involve your resolution throughout the course of the year so that you can stay on track.
If you are able to follow these tips and more you can start to feel the power of New Year’s resolutions and how setting a New Year’s resolution this year could change your life for the future. Many people are contacting me to see what the new year may have in store for them. Why not download your free personal Cosmic Power Astrology Horoscope chart, or why not phone a top psychic or clairvoyant to see what the new year has in store.
I sincerely hope 2014 is your best year yet & keep up those resolutions!

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