Dreamers & Storytellers

dreamers & storytellers

To all the dreamers & storytellers. Tarot for me is a dance of two souls, I’m preparing to log on to a few spiritual Wi-Fis, put in my few pennies worth as to what path the gorgeous souls that present could possibly take to revitalise their perspective. I have been re-dreaming my journey through the Major Arcana. Last night, The Magician, As above, so below – is the thought I ran through my mind as I drifted off to dreamland, the phrase often associated with the Magician card. When we realise that we cannot extract our best life from our current journey without some external help, we often look to channel power from somewhere else, wherever that may be. Many people refer to this power as God, which of course takes many forms. Some people draw their focus & power from music, running, meditation. There are so many different routes to connect us with the inspiration needed to break out of our comfort zone & take the next step on our journey. One of my mental conduits is the Tarot. I’ve given countless tarot phone readings, the story unfolds as the pasteboards are laid out, it is one of my favourite ways of reading as there are no physical distractions. When I need to be in the zone, working absolutely at one with my creativity & connecting to my joy I often channel the energy of one of the greater secrets of the Tarot. I have found that I draw great comfort from taking a Tarot journey as I slip in & out of consciousness, the dream journey, where everything is possible.
Everyone’s journey is ultimately no one else’s responsibility.

You are the Magician All you have to do is believe.

The Magician reveals your inner light, it can be concealed no more, the unfolding has begun. Like The magician, now is the time to pull off your most amazing miracle. Your thoughts create your reality, think carefully.

**Meet the magician Step inside his card with me  ??TAROTREHAB

Magician Affirmation

These symbols belong to the Fool

he had forgotten their purpose.

do you understand their power?

His eyes locked mine, my consciousness

considered things beyond earth, air,

fire & water

Trust in yourself today, you have all the magic you will ever need.

Only you can take the reins of your dreams, embrace the world today, your intention sets your direction. Go forth & be fabulous.

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