Step in to Your Power

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Embrace your power – shape shift, follow your joy, dodge the naysayers. Appreciate that everything is transient. Blast any negativity or gossip, the moanings of a friend who drives you mad. Anything that doesn’t feed your soul needs attention. Imagine yourself as the alchemist reworking this energy to fuel your spiritual battery.

“Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous”

The universe doesn’t want you to wallow in mediocrity, absorb words & thoughts that will serve you on your journey, ignite them with the power of your creativity. An authentic psychic reading can help you step in to your power, your world is waiting.

Find your superpower

My father gave me the greatest gift, against his instincts when I was small he gave me a Tarot set bought at a car boot sale & opened the Tarot door in my mind. I won’t pretend my childhood was completely rosy, the Tarot however revealed an endless alternative Universe of possibilities that I could escape to at any time. Tarot has become my life & I can never thank my parents enough for their support.

My father was a typical Irish navvy, I know some people now find that term offensive but that was what he was. A manual labourer who worked incredibly hard. He was also catholic, so when Tarot took me prisoner & I became obsessed with Solitaire the Clairvoyant from Live & Let Die, Tales of the Unexpected & Doctor Terrors House of Horrors. My father struggled when I started bringing images of the Devil in to the house, there were a few celtic tantrums & extra rosary prayers I can tell you. Truth is he had a devil that lived inside him, as do we all, that story is for another time.

My mother on the other hand was over the moon when I became obsessed with Tarot & Magick. I used to cycle in to Glastonbury & sit around the Tor sketching archetypes for my first deck, my mother would always encourage me to give readings for her & her colourful friends.

Tarot has given me laser focus & a chance to mentally peek round corners. Focused thinking through the lens of Tarot is constantly revealing my joy. Today I am fulfilled, I had a major success yesterday that came with minimal drama. Inner peace & actually beginning to love your inner child, just a bit more everyday, is the most precious gift we can have.

Who would have thought such a journey could start from a few pennies at a car boot sale. 

Thanks dad, wherever you are, you are a legend.

My Talking Tarot reading, designed to be inspiring & uplifting, continues to receive positive feedback from visitors from around the globe. Paul continuously strives to ensure his live services are fulfilled by expert Psychics & Clairvoyants. Step forward today & nourish you, you are forming your own truths, go forth & be fabulous

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