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Nine of Cups

nine of cups tarot meaning

Make a wish

Wishes, Happiness, Contentment

Lord of Material Happiness

Nine cups encircle the progression of a representation of the 7 main Chakras. An eye & lips represent the senses & a need to go inside to search for answers.

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The Nine of Cups is the wish card of the Tarot and it’s answer is always the same, be happy with what you’ve got & search inside yourself, as this is where true happiness lies. Only you can create your own happiness. No external force or material possession can do it for you. You really do create your own reality, if you decide that from now you are going to strive to be happy & see the good in everything in your life, you will notice a tangible change in your circumstances. This is the central message of the Tarot, every card has several specific meanings, this card tells you that every happy thought translates in to your world as a joyous moment or successful venture.

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The Nine of Cups in a reading tells you that it really is possible now for dreams to come true, it is up to you to allow that success in to your life. The Nine also tells you that you need to find an alternative method to release the stresses & strains of everyday existence. If this card falls less than favourably in a reading it often symbolises that the questioner may have an addictive personality and relies on anything from food to drugs to take them out of themselves. It is usually exactly this type of person that responds well to meditation or exercise. When someone is shown that happiness can be achieved from within, the reliance on external stimuli tends to fall away. When the Nine appears to you accept unquestioningly that your desires are about to be realised. Rewards and a pleasurable time stretch out in front of us, give thanks to whatever power you believe in and accept the abundance and contentment that is set to wash over you.

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