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Before anyone has a phone psychic reading it is always a good idea to get established exactly what it is you want to come away with. Many people get confused between magicians and psychics. You may have seen magicians guessing impossible details on tv shows,  this is not what you can expect from a good psychic reading. Most people will ask for a general reading & expect some confirmation of whether they are following the correct path in their life. Some online psychics act more like counsellors and are expected to answer questions such as :
•    Is my boyfriend ‘the one’, do you see a future for us ?.
•    I feel stuck in my job, am I doing the right thing in my career ?
•    Will I meet a new special person soon ?
•    I have 2 potential suitors, which one should I choose ?.
•    Am I ever going to get my dream life of marriage & children ?

I have had many readings over the years & continue to have readings with some fabulous people. Usually in the first few minutes you will know if you have developed a rapport with your reader and if you are going to go away feeling uplifted and energised. Whether your psychic reading is by phone, text, email or face to face, it is your reading and you should get the best experience possible from your psychic reader. That’s why it is, in my opinion, always best to get a recommendation from someone you trust before contacting a psychic or clairvoyant.
Points to remember
•    Anything that relates to ‘bad luck being lifted from you’. This is an old and sometimes frightening type of reading about lifting gypsy curses and should set alarm bells ringing straight away !. You have not got bad luck surrounding you so this person can’t lift it and make your life instantly magical ! Avoid at all costs !.
•    A very general reading that could apply to anyone or is filled with flattery that makes you feel great but doesn’t actually relate to you or your current situation.
•    Try and search out a psychic reader who is experienced and will genuinely do their best to give you a reading to remember that will inspire you to move forward with your life and make choices that will empower you.
Your reading should be empowering, honest, and most of all fun! If you don’t get the reading you are looking for simply end the reading and return to reception to hopefully connect with a reader who you have a better rapport with. I hope if you are thinking of having a reading these points have fired your enthusiasm and given you some points to consider.
I find myself returning to readers that I sense a connection with. You can find some reviews of my best psychic readers here : Psychic readers reviewed and recommended.

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