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Clairvoyants have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

Everyone’s burning question, “What does the future hold ?”

I have had psychic readings all of my life. Unfortunately the great readers that my mother used to visit, & who inspired my journey, have long since passed away. I have a very special place in my heart for the intuitives I used to meet at the spiritual churches before the Psychic industry exploded in to the global industry it is today. I love reading about the history of divination & clairvoyants. What is my advice to inexperienced questioners who ask me for a recommendation ?. Firstly my team of readers is very small & I am pleased to say that I have had great readings with them as have many other people, some of whom have been happy to write a review for my recommended Psychics & Clairvoyants page. Though I am based in London, technology allows you to connect to one of my chosen readers quickly & easily for telephone tarot readings from anywhere.

All of my readers are very careful to leave the caller feeling more positive about their current situation without sugar-coating the reading. All phone psychic & tarot readings need to be completed in line with strict ethical guidelines. One recent caller, Michelle, kindly said via mail : … “She (Rose) was really very clear & got straight to the point of why I was calling … In fact I got off the phone thinking “Well that was just what I needed”. You can view my readers profiles here, or rad some recent reviews here.

Tested Psychics, Clairvoyants  & Astrologers :

Few people know that the famous 16th century clairvoyant or seer, Nostradamus, cast astrological charts as the foundation for his amazingly accurate predictions – provided you agree with the interpretation of his often obscure Medieval French quatrains. While the most famous of astrologers, Nostradamus was certainly not the only one, nor the first. Astrology in various forms goes back not only as far as recorded history itself, but even beyond that.

* The architecture and layout of not only the Egyptian pyramids, but also of a prehistorical site such as Stonehenge, points to deep astronomical knowledge. Astronomy as a science is a fairly recent development from roughly the time of the Renaissance. To ancient and prehistorical astronomers, knowledge of the stars was senseless if not employed in the religious and prophetic systems of their time.

* The Old Testament Hebrew prophets and the ‘wise men’ of the courts of Egypt and Babylon were seers on opposite sides of the astrological divide. Although the Hebrew prophets condemned astrology, while the royal clairvoyants practiced it, they were well aware of its workings. How could it be otherwise, with the nation of Israel emerging, as it were, out of Egypt, and later spending centuries in exile in Babylon?

* Clairvoyants appeared throughout the world at different times and in different places. In the old Boer Republics, at the turn of the 19th century, there was a Boer called ‘Seer’ Van Rensburg, whose predictions were stunningly accurate. He ‘saw’ the future from the viewpoint of ca. 1900, and foretold events such as World War I.

There is little doubt today that what is called ‘paranormal’ by science is simply physics of which the principles have not been discovered by humanity yet. Not all clairvoyants look into the future, though. Clairvoyance (from the French ‘to see clearly’) simply implies the gift of seeing what others cannot see. One type of clairvoyant is the psychic – a group of people who are allegedly often used by police forces to solve complicated criminal cases.

A select few individuals are aware of the hidden science of clairvoyance, and are practicing it to the benefit of their clients. Recommended clairvoyants, though often best found through word of mouth, have mastered those principles, though Clairvoyance is a skill that can not be reliably turned on at will. A true Clairvoyant is said to be born with the gift to see what is obscured to others. Using his/her deeply spiritual insight and immense knowledge of the esoteric arts, he/she can provide troubled clients with advice that usually goes far beyond the guesswork of unskilled but well meaning readers.

Like Nostradamus of old, recommended clairvoyants will probably deny that his/her work is purely a gift, or an art he/she has mastered. It is those things, yes, but there is often science involved too. But it is the old traditional methods that I love, and one that has almost died out with previous generations of mystics.

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