mayan 21 dec 2012 – end of Days? See you next year!

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21-12-2012 Mayan Calendar

Are you ready for the end of the world, again?!

Without boring everyone with Mayans, trines etc. 21-12-12 is undoubtedly significant, a huge shift is imminent, in YOUR / OUR world. We are all connected & the butterfly effect reinforces that every thought or action creates our experience. Excuse me while I indulge myself, on a personal level I knew that this date was massively important, though not cataclysmic. Having a few physical probs, I yesterday had some spine jabs, & looking at dates for a hip replacement, doc came back with perhaps 21-12-2012 … HMMM, & HMMM AGAIN !

The point is, it’s time to close the door, lock away all regrets or ‘could have beens’, 2013 is OUR year. Don’t you dare fall back in to negative patterns, it is SOOO not relevant. I could put in the usual ‘life is not a rehearsal’ etc, you get the idea. It’s time to step up to the mark … This is the date to decide to finally live your life …


Cries for end of days have been echoed throughout history.  The recent shift to the new century was to have marked devastation from which humankind would never recover.

What looms before us now — 21-12-2012 — is being closely monitored.

‘Russia attempts to quell end-of-the-world panic’

French officials ban access to sacred mountain which believers claim will be refuge from ‘Mayan apocalypse on December 21’

Los Angeles survival groups brace for Dec. 21, 2012 and beyond

These are the titles of a few articles from  An entire website devoted to the belief that the Mayan calendar — which has been interpreted to predict a series of cataclysmic disasters that will occur on 21-12-12 — is correct and we’re closing in on end of days.  Among the threats read into the calendar is Earth colliding with a planet that science still hasn’t discovered and Earth falling into a black hole.  In some circles of science, it’s suggested the calendar has been misread completely and there are no indications of doom whatsoever.  The only thing known for sure is, with all its detail, the calendar’s end date is equivalent to the upcoming 21-12-12.

Oddly, one could say that any calendar ends.  The one on your wall right now has an end date. Some of my friends advent calendars have already mysteriously had all the doors opened to reveal a distinct lack of chocolate ?. Every calendar we’ve ever looked at has an end.  Why has no one ever seen that as a sign?

The validity of the theories isn’t the point anymore.  There are survivalists around the globe preparing for the upcoming end of days. is only one of many websites supplying information and advisement.  You can buy survival kits and find out what you need to stockpile in order to be prepared. A tarot psychic reading might give you unbiased advice on where your path is set to lead if the sky doesn’t fall in 🙂

Foreshadowing is always a part of the anticipation.  Some have correlated the prediction with events like Hurricane Sandy, which devastated the East Coast, and other recent natural disasters.  In another ominous moment this year, New York City actually experienced a brief earthquake.

There are plenty of arguments that dispute the prediction.  Not only has the planet that is allegedly prone to crash into Earth, Nibiru, never been discovered or seen, according to the Mayan calendar, that catastrophe should have occurred in May 2003.  The polar shift theory has been dismissed soundly.  Despite global warming and bizarre weather, it’s firmly understood the Earth cannot change its rotation.  And while it’s not unusual for meteors to hit the Earth, it’s been 65 million years since such an incident has endangered life.

None of that has deterred the believers.  Far as they’re concerned, end of days is fast approaching.

Personally I’ll see you on the 22 ;’) & Believe me though 2013, will be a FAR better year than the last, & it is up to you to decide that it will be your best year yet !

All the best, Paul O’Mara

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