Are you good enough?

four of swords tarot meaning

Are you good enough?⁣ ⁣
This month I am winning. I am up to speed with all my commitments, I have paid everyone & had some great reviews. I am tweaking & finalising a book that has been on the back burner for ever, I am up to speed with the taxman, I’m happy with my progress & I am busy creating new dreams & targets to keep me busy for some time yet. ⁣

You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can though write a better ending”.⁣

Myself & the husband are getting on famously, we have holidayed with the family & been in contact with those who we haven’t been able to see, I should be feeling on top of the world yet I still wake up feeling like I have dropped the ball, that I’m not quite good enough, that any day soon I will be found out & it will all crash down around me.⁣ ⁣
I’ve discovered that many empaths or any one on a spiritual path tend to have this lingering doubt that hangs around in the shadows, always ready to tell us we are not good enough, not working hard enough, unfortunately for a lot of sensitive people that is just the way it is.⁣ ⁣
As you can tell from my pages my saving grace is the Tarot, the 78 pasteboards of wisdom that reflect a totally different reality to the one that my unattended subconscious can concoct if left to it’s own devices.⁣ ⁣
Life can’t be all unicorns & rainbows, we need some challenging times to set off the brilliant, joyful successes that we experience on the rollercoaster of life. Rewrite your script today, take a small step to changing your story, don’t allow the negativity to creep in. You can’t change the chapters that have gone, you can though write a better ending.⁣

Today I drew the Four of Swords, this is a card of recharge & renewal, thought & reflection. One of my key lines around this card is: ‘is retreat the only option?’ Well in the current climate, for obvious reasons, this could hardly be more apt. 

The Four can herald a retreat in to solitude, where time can become elastic. We need to set an anchor in the here & now, to remember that yesterday is made up of memories, the future is yet to be revealed. Only the actions we make today are really of any consequence.

Solitude can unmask that which is just at the edge of our consciousness, the small inner voice that whispers “you know joy can be yours if you only open your heart”.

Maybe as we focus on the scenarios that are unfolding we would do well to rejoice in what we have, if we are safe & well & lucky to live in abundance.

And though we may be isolated we can drift off in our minds to feel the sand beneath our feet, the sun on our faces, the waves engulfing our body.

The Four of swords teaches that only by retreat into solitude can the spirit be rebalanced. When this process is complete our spirit is free to fly it’s cage, we are ready to rejoin the quest refreshed.

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