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empress tarot meaning

I have my eye on a vintage replacement version of a deck today, I must resist. Card of the Day – The Empress – A shout out to all of the amazing women I have met this week. Ultimate femininity. Connections or memories of mother figures, even the birth of a new way of living or exciting project. When the Empress appears, know that you are loved. Grasp this energy and be open to new emotional connections. The Empress. The beauty of nature emerging.

The Empress is the embodiment of plans & dreams symbolised by rebirth. The energy of nature creates our destiny before the call of the Empress is heard again in the Judgement card.

Belief in yourself is imperative now, you must love yourself to open the door to attraction that heralds a new era of development.  Ideas committed to a diary or notebook resurface reanimating a plan or project. Ask for help, a partnership with someone who nourishes your soul could have amazing repercussions.

You are the energy of The Empress radiate love and confidence. Unleash your creative imagination, manifest your vision, your best life is waiting.  

Tarot Affirmation:

“Everything around you is joy, I said. Do you know of hunger and cold, that all things must eventually pass? There was no reply though in my mind I heard: There is no death will you not live as if you were to die tomorrow?”

Connect to your inner goddess, step in to her power. 

This card in my deck features a good friend of mine called Jo. She was not pregnant at the time but I sensed that she would become a fantastic mother as indeed she has. Jo is originally from the Forest of Dean and has never lost that otherworldly quality, even though she has lived around the globe from New York to Jerusalem. This is important, The Empress may travel far and wide but always carries with her a direct connection to her roots and nature. The Empress is one of the most regularly pulled cards in both my relationship Tarot reading & my Celtic Cross Tarot reading. She is one of the most commented on cards in my free online video Tarot reading, she makes us feel safe, her energy ties in to the nostalgia of time spent with our mother or people who fulfilled the Mother role in our childhood. Some of my most popular psychics, clairvoyants & Tarot readers can step in to the matriarch role embodied by the Empress to give sound, experienced advice around all types of situation. The Empress is the face of encouragement, she is comforting and familiar. She symbolises that abundance can be yours and the support you need to attain it is always available and can be relied upon unconditionally.

Connect to your inner goddess, step in to her power. 

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