You are the Magic

the magician tarot meaning
The Magician

Tarot today The Magician: There is no magic wand. There is no ‘quick fix’ YOU are the magic. Positive thoughts & positive emotions may align the Universe to deliver your destiny, only you can unleash your magic to pull that fantasy in to your reality. No amount of creative visualisation will bring you that Porsche. If you want to manifest something you need to unleash your potential to create a new reality. That unfortunately is the cold hard truth.

Get amongst it & start waving that wand!”

Do you believe in magic? I find that I need to exercise my magical beliefs. If I’m feeling dependent I force myself to seek out the magic in my existence. There is magic everywhere if only you are open to receive it. To be 100% honest I was feeling less than joyous this morning, then I turned the magician & realised I am all the magic I need, I just need to make it happen. You know what you want to do. You have just as much right to abundance as anyone else. Get amongst it & start waving that wand!

The Magician Tarot card meaning

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