Year of the Black Water Snake – Shed your Skin

Chinese zodiac animal

Chinese New Year 2013 – Kung hei fat choi

Chinese New Year in 2013 takes place from February 10 – 12, 2013, Combined with the New Moon this is a very powerful time.  Each year, during Chinese New Year celebrations, a reunion dinner is held. The dinner takes place either in the parents’ or oldest brother’s home, as tradition. It is held on the eve of the event and is a time for family to enjoy a large dinner together. It is a boisterous event for a lot of fun planned.

The animal of the year is the black water snake. It is said to be an omen of good things to come. There will be more ups than downs in 2013 for those with this reptile as their centre of gravity. There are 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, each brings a different omen to the table and offers signs to come. The snake is a symbol to proceed in life with plans whether it is to move forward with a relationship or job. A psychic reading by phone could be exactly what you need to unveil your next move. It is the perfect time to begin a relationship if you are single as well. Which Chinese Zodiac animal are you ? – Find out Here How does your Chinese Zodiac animal interact with the other signs ? Visit my Chinese Zodiac Relationship Compatibility page

The snake brings strength and the desire to explore new ventures. Good news will be bountiful. The odd number combined with the black water snake is set to deliver prosperity and happiness all year long. As with any prediction, it is simply that, a prediction. You essentially control your destiny. It is important to seek out every possible ending to every situation and go about each one with with the same caution as you would in any other year. It could be the year to change your life. Only keeping an open mind and trusting in the zodiac will lead you to those opportunities. Take advantage of opportunities as they arise and trust in the black water snake to help lead you to desired success. One final point, if you have not been living your authentic life or hiding behind a persona, the the year of the Black Water Snake is the perfect time to shed that skin!


Card of the day Justice, in some decks the Justice card features a snake. Our heroin has trapped the serpent, representing untruths. She wields the sword & scales of Justice to show us the path of righteousness.

Lesson, try & be as honest as you can, it’s just so exhausting to lie & you will always be caught out in the end by karma.

Here in the inner sanctum your inner truth is revealed. The keys unlock your authentic self. In a free psychic reading the book is a great omen & holds all the details of your journey.

We are set firmly in what is happening to us right now. Understand how the past has brought us to this moment. If we allow her, Justice will reveal clarity & insight around our alternate futures.

Libra is the astrological energy here. The scales are balance, your actions will be weighed.

The steel blade is sharp & accurate, are you really ready to cut away the baggage?

Justice affirmation

I held the keys & understood the

symbols. The curtain to the

temple parted & there she sat

demanding truth, her sword &

scales perfectly balanced.

What is your truth?

Love yourself for who you are today, you got this

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