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Chinese New Year 2015 Green Wood Goat / Sheep

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It’s almost the right time of year to celebrate one of the world’s longest running festivals; The Chinese New Year. 2015 will mark China entering the Year of the Goat or as some prefer / Sheep. The first day of the Year of the Sheep is February the Fourth, 2015. However, this is not when the Chinese will celebrate New Year’s Day, as Chinese New Year’s day is marked by the first full moon of the new year. Therefore, the New Year’s Day celebrations will occur on the first full moon of the Year of the Goat / Sheep. This year, it will be February the 19th at Chinese Standard time.

As you are probably aware, the Chinese use their own version of astrology to make predictions about their lives. This is true for the animal into whose year you are born, however the year is just one of many factors that affect how your life should progress according to Chinese astrological symbols.  Not only are there twelve animals which cover the years, but there are also five elements in Chinese astrology. Also, in addition to the year of birth being important, the date of birth and even the time of birth are also important. This is how Chinese astrology can be so accurate.

The element of the Sheep in the year 2015 is wood, and wood is associated with the colour green. Therefore, you might see people referring to 2015 as the year of the Green Wooden Sheep. If you know your own birth element, then you can get a very accurate psychic reading based on how your element will interact with the wood element of this year. For instance, if you have fire earth or wood as your lucky element, then it will interact with the wood of the green wooden sheep to bring you a considerable amount of good fortune this year.

Your lucky element is based on four things; The time of your birth, the day of your birth, the date of your birth and the year of your birth. That’s how the Chinese astrological system makes sense and gives accurate readings. If there were only one number to consider, then everyone born in the same year would have the same fortune. These combining factors explain how some two people could be born minutes apart and yet have completely different personalities. It’s important before you get a reading to understand your own lucky elements by working them out from your own birth.

Here we will give a quick run down of the elements and the fortune they can expect in 2015:

Metal – you will have a fair amount of luck.

Water – expect no amazing fortune. If you are careful and prudent, then you will have a fair year, but don’t take any huge risks.

Wood – You will have incredible fortune this year. If you do find trouble, fear not; help is sure to arrive soon.

Fire – You will have excellent fortune this year. This will manifest mostly in the fact that you have more persistence than usual.

Earth – You will have reasonably good fortune this year. However, you might have a little pressure upon you, so don’t wilt and keep going.

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