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Charming, Sociable, Resourceful, Quick-witted, Ambitious, Crafty, Self-serving.
While in the Western World the Rat is looked upon with disgust and
revulsion, he is admired and honoured in much of the East for his
cleverness and aptitude for acquiring things of value. In China and
Japan Rats are signs of good luck and prosperity.
The Rat is a charming creature capable of captivating almost anyone.
Rats are connoisseurs who take pleasure in flaunting their style. They
also possess a great sense of humour. Rats can be very protective and generous to those who are loyal to them.
Rats are also quite self-serving. They have their own goals and
ambitions and will not hesitate to advance them. Those outside a Rat’s social circle may find them easily riled and verbally abusive. Rats do not often pass up the opportunity to debate.
Rats are very curious about everything, and are always on the hunt for
new information, anything that may be of use to them in the present or future. Are you curious about a rat friend or another suitor? My phone tarot reading uk is a great place to start with any psychic relationship questions.
The Rats biggest problem is they find it difficult to see beyond
themselves. If they can find room for others they will be well on the
way to true happiness.

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Resolute, Strong-willed, Ambitious, Careful, Patient, Stubborn.

The Chinese Astrological Ox is neither slow witted nor clumsy. These
powerful, dependable beings were meant to lead. While their approach to a fulfilling a task may be slow and methodical, they are capable of great things and never lose sight of their goals. Their stamina is endless and they are detail conscious. They believe in getting things right the first time. A text tarot reading can provide fast relationship answers to your burning questions. If you are curious about an ox or any other zodiac sign you could find your answers through tarot sms.
To outsiders Oxen may seem to be too serious and unable to “let their
hair down.” Being introverts, these are easy assumptions to make about Oxen. Also they are very independent and appear to have no regard for what others think of them. However, hidden behind that distant air shown to the world, is a being that feels pain, loneliness and regret that they do not connect well with others.
The Oxens comforts and delights are derived from friends and family and work well done. As a friend, lover or family member the Ox makes a reliable and protective ally who is always tender and affectionate.
When away from the family and out in the world the Ox can be stubborn and dogmatic. They are not ones to back down or take much guff from anyone.
The Ox is a good source of honest advice.
The Ox needs to try to be less quick to judge others. When they see the value of those who have qualities different than their own they are well on their way to a warmer social life.

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Assertive, Adventurous, Independent, Inventive, Generous, Restless and Impulsive.

Charismatic and self-assured, Tigers were born to lead. This gives them an air of authority most find hard to resist. They are charming and fun, yet never lose sight or stop pursuing their goals or relinquish
The Tigers’ courage is without limit and they rarely lose a fight
regardless of the arena. The Tiger is the king of seduction. They are
dignified and affectionate. The primal nature of their being makes them very attractive to almost all.
Tigers are moody and can strike at those around them without warning. A Tiger’s feelings run deep and are extraordinarily intense. They do not handle stress well and can be overly emotional. An angry Tiger is something to fear.
Tigers are often excessive in their behaviour and a little moderation
could go a long way in making them happier. When Tigers remain centred and focus their energy on worthy pursuits they will achieve great things.

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The Rabbit

Sociable, Discreet, Refined, Shrewd, Perceptive, Sensitive, Aloof.

While they may not like it, the Rabbit is a timid, attractive being who
is usually non-confrontational. Rabbits are very popular with friends
and family. They are inherently compassionate and protective of those
they care about. Rabbits idealize their relationships and may give far
more of themselves than is healthy. Fortunately the Rabbit surrounds
itself with friends and family who will help it regain its balance when
thrown off emotionally.
Rabbits are a bit fragile and need a solid social foundation in order to
thrive. Without a strong family and close friends the Rabbit will not
stand up well to adversity. Rabbits are so sensitive to their feelings
that any emotional upset may make them physically sick. Rabbits can be pessimistic if they feel as though their lives are at a stand-still. By
nature they are insecure about their place in the world. Rabbits move
through life at their own pace. They are both contemplative and often
Rabbits love the home life. Within a strong family environment the
Rabbit may find the security it needs to blossom and become more

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The Dragon

Active, Determined, Confident, Enterprising, Versatile, Scrupulous and Lucky.

The Dragon is the most celebrated sign of the Chinese Zodiac. They are powerful and very lucky, warm-hearted and full of blazing energy.
Dragons are intelligent beings born with endless charisma, which ensures they influence the actions of those around them and often makes them the centre of attention a place they enjoy being. Dragons are known for giving good advice. Just as they are lucky with money, so too are they lucky in love.
Dragons have a talent for managing projects from there inception to
there end with great success. Although their egos may be a bit inflated, they do make good leaders. While Dragons may acquire great wealth, it is power they truly want. Dragons are usually gracious winners and, conversely, very poor losers.
Being a leader is the natural role of the Dragon. Those who learn to be
flexible, compassionate and tolerant may become great leaders.

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The Snake

Thoughtful, Wise, Shrewd, Intuitive, Guarded, Independent, Sometimes Lazy.

The Snake is the master seducer of the Chinese Zodiac. Always
well-liked, Snakes are sociable yet introverted as well as intuitive and
blessed with a keen aptitude for business. Although Snakes may not
consider money that important, their luck and tendency to be a bit tight with their purse strings ensure they will have more money than they need. Snakes are far more mentally active than they are physically. They tend to analyse events before joining in. Overall Snakes have reserved dispositions and probing minds that make intellectual pursuits far more attractive to them than physical activity.
At their core, Snakes are a little insecure, and can be very jealous and
possessive, which can estrange both their friends and family. Despite
their imperfections, Snakes can be alluring, munificent and loving.
Snakes tend to trust their own intuition over the advice of others.
While sometimes they are seen as lazy, Snakes will work very hard when the need arises. They are not quitters and expect the same commitment from their partners in any venture.
Snakes could often be a little less arrogant, and develop a stronger sense of self.

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The Horse

Active, Alert, Outgoing, Adventurous, Eloquent, Free Spirited, Independent, and Quick tempered.

The free spirited Horse is the Chinese Zodiacs wanderer. Horses need
their independence and freedom. They are packed with energy and
constantly moving from one activity to another. Horses are good with
money and, of course, have a passion for travel.
Paradoxically, Horses desire love, which can lead them to feel ensnared. The rawness of their sex appeal is like a magnet and makes it easy for Horses to find love. Horses are skilled at the art of seduction.
However, their relationships are unpredictable because their behaviour is so erratic and they may flee without notice. Blessed with a keen wit and powerful presence, Horses love to show off to a crowd. Despite the strength of their being, Horses feel inferior to those around them.
Horses are not a patient lot. They can be quite impulsive and more than a little insensitive to the feelings of others. These self-reliant beings follow their whims through life, which explains why their paths are often littered with unfinished relationships, jobs and ventures.
Conversely, Horses motivate others easily and often do reach their

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The Goat

 Creative, Artistic, Considerate, Generous, Easy Going, Sensitive, A Worrier.

Goats are dreamers–creative spirits always in need of more time to
explore their inner selves. They are most comfortable while being deep within themselves. To be happy, the Goats mind must be free to roam where it pleases. Goats are naturally artistic and inventive. They are not pursuers of material wealth and rely on their imaginations to enrich their lives. However, Goats can be very generous to those they love.
Goats often do not fare well in romantic liaisons. They are very high
strung and tend to feel insecure. They are worriers. To quell their
uncertainties, Goats need to feel loved and admired at all times. Goats
are extremely sensitive and will fret over the most trifling things.
Conflict within a relationship will make Goats retreat further into
their minds or physically remove themselves from the scene.
When love is going well for them, Goats can be quite demanding of their partner. The happy Goat does not just take, but loves to give to its lover too.
Goats who learn to control their worries can be quite happy. Once they know their friends and family will be waiting for them when they return from their inner journeys, Goats can be very happy.

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The Monkey

Resourceful, Charming, Persuasive, Amusing, Sociable, Cunning.

The always charming, super-energised Monkey is the partier of the
Chinese Zodiac. Monkeys have an insatiable appetite for fun and
activity. Having a good time comes very easily for them in any crowd.
They are optimistic, witty and blessed with a razor sharp mind. While
Monkeys love to be the centre of attention, they are good listeners as
well. Their bottomless curiosity ensures they will be knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics. Their intelligence allows them to address
complex tasks and situations with ease. Monkeys are show-offs who love nothing more than to bedazzle those around them with their antics.
Most Monkeys do not have a highly developed sense of morality. Indeed, if it’s fun, they’ll do it. Their primary goal is the pursuit of their own pleasure. Monkeys make pleasurable, exhilarating lovers, but beware of the possibility they will stray. Monkeys will try anything once, and if it is the slightest bit entertaining are sure to try it again.
The Monkeys self-serving attitude may be trouble for many other Signs of the Zodiac. They are very hedonistic and lacking in self-control. If they cannot find a party they will start their own.

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The Rooster

Meticulous, Efficient, Orderly, Conscientious, Intelligent, Honourable, Notoriously Candid.

The quick thinking, ingenious Roosters are a pragmatic lot who prefer
not to take any risks. Roosters are so aware of whats going on around
them that some may believe them to be psychic. It is not easy to sneak anything by a Rooster. These beings are a frank, honest lot who do not pull any punches and admire those who are truthful with them.
Roosters do not play games and are not likely to create facades to hide behind. They are honest, open and keep their word. Roosters are
perfectionists and like to be in control. Their appearance is of great
importance to them. Roosters do love to be noticed and love socialisingwith those who love them.
Roosters expect and will fight for control of their surroundings and
those who fall within its boundaries. They are extremely neat and expect their family members to be the same. By nature, Roosters are
conservative, and loyal, trusting and supportive to those who earn it.
Those close to the Rooster who do not live up to their standards will
find themselves henpecked incessantly. Roosters who learn to let others be what they are will have an extremely gratifying life.

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The Dog

Honest, Dependable, Diligent, Perceptive, Selfless, Caring, Moody, Fun-loving, Adventurous.

Dogs are loyal, truthful and live by their own uncompromising code of
ethics. While very trustworthy, they do find it difficult to trust
others. Dogs are faithful friends and exceptional listeners. They are
the caped warriors of the Chinese Zodiac in that they will fight
injustice and side with the underdog anytime, anyplace.
Dogs can be very rigid in their thinking and behaviour. They also tend
to be moody and need time alone to sulk and revitalise. Dogs are slow to trust, but with time and evidence that someone is trustworthy they will warm up to them.
Dogs need physical activity to be happy. They will champion any cause they deem worthy.
In the pursuit of love, Dogs may be their own worst enemy. They can
become so anxious from engaging in the mating ritual that they create
too much stress in their potential partners for their dance of love to
be successful.

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The Pig

Sincere, Honest, Trusting, Sociable, Hard Working, Stubborn.

The Pigs of the Chinese Zodiac are giving and principled beings without equal. Pigs are very pleasant and have flawless manners and taste.
Because they are also perfectionists, they are often wrongly viewed as snobs or as having feelings of superiority. Pigs are sensuous and
luxuriant by nature. They love the finer things in life. Pigs care
deeply for their friends and family and will go to great extremes to
keep them happy and well. Pigs do not see helping others as a duty but as a pleasure.
Pigs are so giving they are actually sad when they have no one to give
to. Their need to be magnanimous makes them an easy mark for those who live by the con. Pigs make great friends and lovers. Truly believing there is a higher good in all of us, the Pig will do almost anything to not see the bad qualities in their friends and family members. However, once a Pig feels they have been wronged, they become a force to be reckoned with.
Pigs are curious, intelligent beings. Pigs are sometimes wrongly
perceived as being lazy. Their love of family and warm hearts make them wonderful mates.

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