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Affirmations & Mantras

Everytime you say to yourself “Oh I can’t do that, I’m no good at ….(whatever)”, you are in essence using a negative affirmation, and where do you think that will get you? You’re right, nowhere. The more you tell yourself that you are unable to do something, the more ‘real’ you are making it and the more you will believe it. So what would happen if you reversed the polarity of those affirmations and changed the negative into a positive?

My Mandala Tarot reading is the perfect partner to affirmations & mantras. I also try & incorporate an affirmation in to my daily tarot draw on instagram

Take for instance someone who suffers from low self esteem, they go through their days reinforcing all that is negative. For example “I will never find a lover because I’m overweight”, or “I’ll never get a good job because I’m useless and clumsy”. The more they say it, the more likely they are to believe it is true. However, by changing those negatives into positives like “When I believe in myself, others will” or  “ I am unique, I am special, I am strong.”  The message is changed and we can retrain our minds into believing these things about ourselves. It may be that you have trouble finding the right words for your personal affirmations, if so, try using a tool to help you on your journey, perhaps a set of oracle cards that feature daily affirmations.

Where your change in attitude will take you is a personal journey for you alone, but know this, the more you believe in yourself and your abilities, the more abundant your life will become and the less likely you are to fall into bouts of depression or despair. If you would like assistance on your lifes journey my top dedicated psychics are on hand to offer assistance.”

I still find myself stricken by bouts of self doubt, I can tell you the only way forward is to challenge yourself every day. Follow the same path, reach the same destination … In my life  I have expanded my focus around the world, travelled through Sri Lanka & Pakistan, lived in the middle east, jumped out of a plane ( with a parachute ! ) & I can honestly say that I feel like I am really living my life … Are You ?

Try this mind opening mantra :

Lets all chant

Keep looking to the future !

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