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What is your deepest desire? After years of answering these questions through the ages the greatest fortune teller produced the answers with their oracles of destiny. There is no logic as to why they work, or how they work. Just the fact that, in the right hands, they do work.

The questioner leaves lighter than when they arrived, ready to manifest a brighter future.

Tarot is the mirror to our emotions, they are reason when there is only chaos.

I sometimes use Gypsy cards or Alice cards when I’m reading & the sitter is scared of Tarot. They get the same reading anyway, I hardly look at the cards these days. Intuition provides a far more reliable connection.

The Tarot has a darker side, without darkness there can be no light. I don’t like to sugar coat, I’m not all unicorns & rainbows.  Some people fear the darker side of the Tarot, though they should not. The tarot is just a mirror of a balanced life, the human experience. The dark, the light, the good & the bad. Tarot will always shine an alternative light, reveal the path that can lead you from darkness.

These are extraordinary times, they will no doubt have aprofound effect on how we live our lives. We will consume less, we will travel less. We will realise that maybe that new garment will only provide a fleeting rush of happiness. Time to dig out all of hose books we meant to read, the old favourite sweater that we meant to mend.

While we are away not producing endless things we don’t need it has been shown that mother earth is merrily mending herself, clearing her skies & rivers, learning to breathe again.

Tarot is the book with no pages that provides the chapters that guide us, the 78 Tarot doorways lead us through uncharted territories in our imagination. The messages of the cards weave their way in to our subconscious, staying with us long after they are wrapped in the silk, put back in the box.

Tarot is the mirror to our emotions, they are reason when there is only chaos. When we are in conflict they are a sensible friend with a solid plan.

Everything you thought you knew is fast falling away. Now is the time to reinvent yourself.  Mother Nature is renewing & rebuilding, follow her lead.

I hope today is a good day for you.

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