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An old fairground amusement, as seen in fairgrounds for many years. This machine, however, does not simply dish out cards for you to interpret your fortune. The machine will burst in to life and, many have said, provide a relevant spoken reading. I hope you have enjoyed your time with my Fortune Telling Machine, remember what it has told you.

We can change our future influential patterns quite considerably. However, if we just keep plodding along procrastinating, outside influences can take over our life. To make a positive change you simply plan what you need or want to manifest in your life & keep it at the front of your mind at all times. What you want have to happen to you in some future time, can not fail to be delivered if you continuously go over the scenario in your mind, The Universe simply has to deliver !. And imagine how you'll feel when you arrive at your goals write these girls down on paper. Keep this declaration of your girls somewhere nearby, so that you can gain access to it when needed. I truly wish you only success.