April’s Full Pink Moon – What does it mean for you?

Pink Supermoon meanings
Super pink moon in Scorpio

The Full pink moons are a sight to behold, though not actually pink they herald the start of Spring. The earth begins to come back to life, through fluctuating weather we may feel the actual warmth of the sun on our face for the first time of the year.

 I spend a lot of time thinking about the moon. I’ve said before it connects to childhood memories of the almanac, of planting calendars & horoscopes.

The Moon is my mistress, she gives me an anchor through these fluid times. Like in any relationship she powers my emotions, influences my reactions. I have so many touch points like my lunar friend that allow me to keep a tenuous grip on where I am in my Universe. You can learn more about The Moon in Tarot on my Major Arcana Pages.

The April’s full moon will be about trying & bringing about a sense of balance in life, this full moon will take place on April 27.

The Full Pink Supermoon is here to let us know that for everything we want to achieve, we need to make a certain amount of effort! This is about the practical side of our plans, our dreams, & our ideals.

The moon is one of my anchors in reality, it is a major key in my deck. When it comes around certain pathways in my mind open up. These many pathways through readings are one of the things that inform my journey.

April’s Full Moon Supermoon In Scorpio

What actually lies beneath the surface is what will be revealed when the full pink moon that falls on April 27 moves in to secretive Scorpio. Things that have been carefully hidden for quite a while could come to life, under the full pink moon’s calming beams. 

The result might not be what you expect – Scorpio’s Pluto-ruled force can result in “all or nothing” showdowns – anything that has been simmering on the back burner of your mind this past few months is going to need to be addressed. This lunar release is not a bad thing, in fact it could be a literal spring clean & hugely cathartic. 

You will be better equipped to deal with emotional vampires or old connections that simply don’t align with your values anymore. Alternatively you might fulfil a deep & long cherished dream that you hadn’t dared to think was actually possible, subsequently there may be a natural shift in the company you keep.

Here are some astro snapshots of how each zodiac sign will be affected by the full pink supermoon. Follow the links below your sign for your daily, weekly & monthly astrology & horoscopes, I hope they resonate with you.


The full pink supermoon releases tension & stress. It is now time to focus on your relationships, most importantly with yourself. You need to decide what you want to achieve in your life. People will show their true colours, shine like the brightest of lights, your voice will be heard.

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Be prepared to escape those feelings of uncertainty. A neglected talent needs revisiting. With the shoots of Spring appearing it is a great time to manifest all your dreams. Time now Taurus to step in to a new era with confidence and clarity. 

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The full pink moon brings out romance in you, your dreams & aspirations are here to be heard. You may crave the more poetic side of life. Creativity, and joy are the medicine you need after a period of instability. It is the best time to fall in love with yourself and the world around you. Treat yourself Gemini, you so deserve it right now.

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Stop overanalysing recent events, don’t be too concerned about the future. Right now, here in the present, is where you can actually make a difference. Use any free time to focus your mind on choices you make today as they can and will manifest the tomorrow of your dreams.

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A break from routine is appearing on the horizon. There’s no better time than this to get your plan polished up & ready to go. Set yourself free from all the limitations, your perfectionism can be a pain, just dive in, you will eventually fly to the greatest heights

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This pink moon brings you some lunar lunacy, you are in two minds, talking to yourself may be the most sense you have heard for weeks. All the forgotten niggles are being processed now, your mind has been working overtime. Maintain your calm during this confusing period & you will quickly emerge re-energised on solid ground.

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Emotional rollercoasters can be exhausting. Thankfully this month sees clarity . Negotiations will be needed but you are confident in your beliefs. You are emerging in to a period of stability, give yourself a break, you have made good choices.

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Time to switch up the positivity, give the internal voice the elbow, now is the time to take a chance on yourself. Major realisations & opportunities are coming in to focus now. Things may have felt rocky but now very quickly reveal a new more stable path.

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Do not overthink your personal connections, just go with what feels good & everything will fall into place. A little flirtation could ruffle your mane Leo. Take control of a project overlooked, gravitate towards individuals who remind you who you are and where you belong.

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Time to get real with your time. You have lots of unfinished dreams, break the to do list down & ask for help if someone is not pulling their weight. Don’t hide emotions now, everyone needs to feel loved more than ever in our fluid world. Don’t be afraid to show your feelings. Your day to day is undergoing a shift, be sure to build in more ‘me’ time.

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Your life balance is changing. This is your opportunity to put yourself first. Creative projects that have been on your back burner come to the front of your focus. Select your next step confidently and wisely. Take some time to be alone with your thoughts, now is the time to plan & decide your next steps.

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Overall April is favourable for social & material achievements, with higher chances of success if you focus on re-establishing a robust daily routine. Success is surely on your side with the energy of Spring. Like the gardener everything you plant this month will work out the way you like if you care for nurture & grow your ideas.

The moon is a great example of perspective, today is a waning crescent, we continuously move towards the next full moon through each fascinating phase. The moon doesn’t change it’s physical shape from full to crescent, it is our view of it that changes.

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