Valentines Day, Love Yourself before anyone else!

Valentine's Day
love yourself first

Hello gorgeous :0’, It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day again. How quickly the year goes! Valentine’s Day tends to be a mixed bag of emotions. Though we might be concerned about the commercialisation of the festival, even the most hard-hearted cynic gets a little stirring on this special day when they think about love & relationships.

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For many of us, Valentine’s Day is as much about the vulnerability as it is about love. That’s why it’s important that we remember that Valentine’s Day is about loving yourself as well as loving others. Happiness starts at home, and if you are unhappy in yourself then it will be very difficult for you to find love and feel loved by another.

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Whether you have a partner or not, you can use this Valentine’s Day to spectacular effect. You can can make a change in your life, and commit to letting love flow through you this Valentine’s Day, and every day thereafter. Let it flow within you, and then it flow outside. This might start with just a generous smile to people who look lonely, or by reacting in a positive way to a situation that would have previously wound you up. Taking the courage in striking up conversations with somebody who looks like they need it will definitely put you on the correct wavelength to attract positivity on to your frequency. It may be none of those things, and instead just by concentrating on yourself, and allowing yourself some slack, rather than being self-critical you could begin to attract a love revolution into your life. Spend the day giving yourself love, treat yourself to a special coffee or a single bloom, a luxurious bath or some time curled up with a neglected favorite book.

Meditation is fantastic for exuding AND attracting loving vibes. Imagine yourself as a beam of light, radiant and radiating your life and your love outward into the world, a Wi-Fi Hotspot of positivity & Joy. You can do this whether you are at home or whether you’re in a crowded place. Even in a shopping centre you can perform the same mindful meditation as if you were sat in your own living room. Sit on the bench in your park and radiate love, on the tube imagine a ‘ready-brek glow’ of happiness & watch the results. This definitely can’t harm anyone, though it might just change the world for the better.

The next stage of developing a loving outlook is calling a truce with your inner self, the nagging voice that sits at the back of your head interjecting unwanted thoughts. For all of us, there will be baggage that we’ve accumulated since last Valentine’s Day, and we can use the occasion to let go of all this, as with any annual occasion. If you’ve been bearing a grudge, then forget it. In the words of Frozen, Let it go. Let the person or situation free of your grudge in order to release yourself. If you have regrets, simply do the same. Give yourself the gift of living free of regret, and replace it with love. Life is simply too short

This Valentine’s Day can be something special if you let it. If everyone were to do this, through the power of osmosis, the world would be a happier place, without a doubt. We are all parts of the same whole. Watching the relentlessly depressing news and living our ever increasingly stressful lives can get you down; there’s a lot of negativity, develop a negativity shield. Visualise a shield of white life, showering you with positivity & washing away any energies that are holding you back. Use Valentine’s Day to see beyond all the negativity in yourself & your world. You will feel you will be making a small difference, but remember it’s a difference that could affect the entire world.

Finally, remember the purpose of Valentine’s Day. Regardless of your situation, you have something unique to offer the Universe, there will only ever be one of you. And there are many people that love you, visualise them in your mind now. If you need fast answers to your love questions try my psychic texts service. Very popular with my younger visitors who may nit have tie for a detailed psychic reading. Even if you are a long way away from your love interest, there is nothing stopping you making a phone call or dropping a message to tell someone how important they are to you. If you are close to them, you can tell them in person. Remember, happiness starts at home and radiates outwards. Work on emitting a loving frequency & visualising your living aura expanding until it is stretching the boundaries of not only your world, but the entire known Universe AND then beyond !

Wishing you boundless love not only for Valentines but for your amazing future ! 

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