How To Use Tarot For Self Development And Powerful Personal Growth

tarot for mindfulness

Tarot has become entwined in all aspects of my life, it is such a powerful tool & a fantastic way to introduce a mindfulness practice in to your daily routine. Everyone is familiar with the traditional image of Tarot associated with fortune tellers, ‘tall dark strangers’ & ‘journeys over water’. Of course this is true, however, in recent times alongside the revival in divination & Tarot readings, the cards have seen a resurgence as a fantastic tool for self discovery & advancement.

We are all continually striving to improve ourselves, to better our lot. We all have so much potential, but do we take advantage of it? How can we achieve new heights and pursue those dreams that seem just out of reach?

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Self-improvement does not have to be a chore or a source of stress in our lives. We need to blend some practices in to our daily routine, some rituals that focus our intentions & raise our vibrations. I pull a daily tarot card that I post to instagram. I also regularly focus my mind with meditation & I am a great fan of hypnosis so I have several favourite audio sessions that take me on an internal journey & take me out of myself & my surroundings for a short time, expanding my awareness.

Tarot, on the other hand, is an excellent tool for personal development and daily mindfulness practices. I have said I start my day with a focus card. Each of the Major Arcana are marvellous place to start as archetypes for growth. From the Devil, dealing with obsessive behaviours, addictions & anger issues to the High Priestess learning to trust the inner voice, focus intentions & sharpen intuition. Below are some ideas as to how you can use Tarot for personal development and mindfulness.

Tarot Origins

The origin of Tarot cards are lost in the mists of time. Some people believe they originated in Ancient Egypt or were first introduced by the Romany gypsies. Many believe they were first used in Western Europe in the 14th century, when Mamluk game cards were brought from Turkey. Because these playing cards were usually hand-painted, they were only available to wealthy families & are considered by many as the forerunner of modern Tarot.

The Italian aristocracy began playing a game called “tarocchi appropriati” in the 16th century, in which players were dealt random cards and used thematic associations with these cards to tell stories about one another. The cards were originally known as “sortes,” which means “destinies,” which is why many people believe Tarot cards can predict the future.

Tarot cards were originally created as playing cards for a bridge-like game, with no mystic or esoteric meanings. Originally, the decks were made up of ten cards in each of four suits (cups, swords, coins/pentacles, staves/wands) and four court cards (king, queen, knight, page). The Fool and trump cards were later added to make a deck of 78 cards. The Major Arcana now refers to the trump cards, while the Minor Arcana refers to the suit cards.

Individual Tarot cards’ meanings changed as times and cultures changed. The four elements (air, earth, water, and fire), planets, and the Zodiac eventually became divinatory themes associated with the cards.

Tarot as a Tool for Self-Examination

It’s not a big leap to think that Tarot can be used for introspection because it’s been used in games to create stories about the players’ lives. You can use Tarot as an introspective tool to explore your present instead of worrying about your future or your past.

Introspection is a method of examining one’s own thoughts, beliefs, judgments, and emotions by looking inward. The term is often used to describe an informal process of exploring one’s inner life, but it can also refer to a more formalised process that was once used as a psychological experimental technique.

Journaling is one introspective tool that most people recommend. Journaling allows you to process difficult emotions, reflect on your life experiences, and create a space for you to better understand yourself. When you journal by hand, it’s even more powerful, strengthening your mind-body connection.

Tarot, like journaling, is a useful tool for reflecting on one’s life, career, relationships, and inner world. It can assist you in identifying the obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward, as well as the limiting beliefs that are preventing you from doing so. Tarot cards can help you open your mind to new possibilities, boost your creativity, and confirm that you’re on the right track.

Tarot cards in the hands of a great reader can give you information about your emotions, past experiences, or future events. Tarot also allows you to pay attention to what is going on in the present moment. It’s an invitation to explore how you’re feeling, what you’re thinking, what action you’re currently taking, and what step or direction might feel most aligned to manifest a better tomorrow.

Three Cards to Help You Tap Into Your Inner Wisdom

Here are three cards to start with as you develop your own inner wisdom connection. Use these as anchors to guide you along your path of self-reflection and personal development. When you’re feeling lost, stuck, or overwhelmed, go back to these cards.

For each of these three cards, this is my intuitive download. This may or may not ring true for you, or you may have your own ideas and nuances around the meaning of the cards.

The High Priestess is a call to silence and listening. Observing how you feel, hear, think, or see things. It’s an opportunity to trust your gut, to trust what your intuition is telling you. How can you become even quieter and more attentive? How can you strengthen your faith in yourself? All such questions can be answered with the help of this enigmatic tarot card.

The Hierophant is a call to put our faith in our own knowledge and experiences. This card is traditionally associated with following a teacher or someone who is similar to a teacher in your life. An invitation to consider that you are the best teacher in your life has a more inclusive and powerful meaning. You have the abilities, strengths, knowledge, and experiences necessary to make sound life decisions.

The Sun is a gentle reminder of who you are. What distinguishes you from others? What are the gifts you’re bringing to the world? What are your advantages? For what do people come to you? What can you do to make your light shine brighter? You have the right to shine brightly in the world, and the world needs your gifts to be shared.

Final Thoughts

Tarot for personal growth allows you to connect with your inner wisdom. Tarot gives you the space you need to dig deep and practice aligned introspection, as well as the opportunity to reflect on what’s going on right now rather than getting lost in the past or future. You can gain clarity on your path to purpose by being still and present.

To find out more about each of the 78 tarot cards visit my Tarot meanings page. You will discover meanings for each of the cards & video meanings & fortunes for the Major Arcana. Also check out my free talking tarot reading & my Online Fortune Telling Machine.

Introducing tarot in to your daily practice is one of the best things you can do to spark a journey of self discovery. I hope you discovered something interesting & today is a magical day for you.

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