Tarot : Hanged Man. Time for a different point of view ?

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Tarot Hanged Man
Hanged Man Tarot / Meanings & Meditations

And there he was, suspended upside down by one leg from a tall tree, the other leg crossing. Though obviously in a predicament he seemed perfectly calm.

Then the voice in my mind came : “This man has found a different perspective, all issues look different from here. He has released his ego, changed his priorities. He has put himself in this position of contemplation, a long road has brought him to this crossroads, he knew it was make or break. Can you imagine how powerful he can become when he chooses to no longer be suspended ?”

When the Hanged Man appears in your telephone psychic reading, your point of view must change. you must realise that to continue with your currently held view is pointless & futile. Sacrifice will be necessary, something that no longer serves you must be released, it could be a relationship that no longer feeds your soul or an addiction that does nothing but hold you back. Surrender your ego, realise that current events may indeed ‘turn your world upside down’.

By suspending himself the Hanged man is forcing himself to observe his situation from a different perspective, an act of purification, the Hanged Man is seeking a new truth.

Imagine yourself walking through the forest, chancing upon this man suspended from a high tree. What would be your initial reaction ? Imagine if it were you suspended, what would this different outlook force you to face ?

The Hanged Man symbolises a form of spiritual hibernation, is it now time for you to emerge with a raised vibration, energised with a totally different outlook ?

key XII

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Suspended animation

Occasionally life throws us such a curveball that we become temporarily deactivated. All of our confidence can evaporate we lose all sense of who we really are, where we are headed. These times of suspension can be among the most cathartic of our lives. The last 6 months for me have been challenging, yet ultimately incredibly transformational.

We got to be the observer on our own story, to see what really matters, to spend quality time choosing how our next chapter might unfold. 

Like the Hanged Man we were forced to view everything from a different perspective. We are beginning to extricate ourselves from this period of introspection, reconnecting with those we have missed.

Many have found the courage to walk towards their calling with conviction. In the upside down everything changed beyond recognition. We must evolve to embrace the new normal.

The Hanged Man gives us a rush of blood to the head, reigniting our dreams. Engage with your upside down self, tap in to your authenticity, allow your light to shine. Our busy lives are waiting to force us back in to previous behaviours, present what we think ‘they’ want us to be. 

Deep down inside you now know who you are, why you are here. 

Identify your kernel of purpose, embrace your spiritual DNA. Your next chapter is waiting, are you ready to turn the page?

The Hanged Man, what happens when you are no longer suspended ?

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