Become a WiFi Beacon of Light !

The further you push the dark negativity away the more you open yourself up to the light.
Sounds obvious, it happens little by little, this is the most powerful
transformation that can occur in anyone's existence. When you find
yourself faced with an individual who emits a higher frequency of
happiness, joy, love, whatever you want to call it. This persons energy
becomes like a mirror bouncing negativity & radiating light. One of
my personal favourites when I find myself in a negative energy
environment or surrounded by people who are literally sucking the
positivity out of the air around them, I see myself as a WiFi hotspot
of positivity, emitting a powerful frequency of joy. Using creative
visualisation you can use this technique to send positive energy
through the cosmos remotely just by imagining the recipient being
bathed in an invisible shower of white energy. Try it, you'll be amazed
at the results. As soon as you open the channel you start attracting
positive reciprocal energy. You will quickly become a more positive,
energised version of yourself. Just by reading these words you are
setting a higher energy vibration in motion. Consciously carry this
positivity with you everywhere today & send out a burst of
gratitude just before you go to sleep tonight.

Become your own WiFi hotspot of joy, try it, you'll be amazed at the results !

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