The Queen of Wands – New enterprise awaits but can you focus your power ?

queen of wands tarot meaning

The Queen of Wands.

The Queen of the Thrones of Flame

The Queen of Wands Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot Reading

Creative Energy







The Queen of Wands Tarot Card – Appearance

The Queen appears above her throne fashioned from imposing lions, an obvious nod to connections with Leo the symbol of fire and strength. To her left the sunflower, the universal symbol of life, fertility, happiness & completion. Her wand is starting to bud, a period of unbridled creativity is forming. At the base of the card, her familiar, the blue black cat symbolises her dormant psychic ability & the darker side of her nature. The pyramid represents earth & material aspects of your life, the geometric triangular shape shows the threefold principle
of eternal creation.

The Queen of Wands Tarot Card – Interpretation

The Queen embodies adaptability, she is a force to be recognised & tells of the need to apply sustained force to a situation surrounding you until it bends to your will. When this card appears you are attractive & powerful, you can command respect from those around you & any deals involving relationships or business cannot fail to come through in your favour. When the Queen inhabits your tarot reading remember to be kind & generous to those around you but beware that you have a short fuse, temper your outbursts though they may be short lived they can have long reaching repercussions.

The Queen of Wands Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac : Leo

Element : Fire

My Relationship with The Queen of Wands

The Queen appears to me when I need to temper my behaviour & bend the will of those around me. I will be facing a perplexing situation that requires sustained application, being a typical Aries my default reaction is to go straight in all guns blazing. This does nothing except confuse the issues. I know that I need to channel the Queen, I need to use diplomacy & charm. I personally have cats as does the Queen, if they are driving me crazy then I know they are trying to draw my attention to an area of my life that needs focus. If this happens I meditate on the Queen usually with a hot cup of tea. I lay out all the challenges that I am facing, then I systematically work out a plan to decide on my best course of action. The Queen also tells you that you may not be the best person to deal with a certain challenge that arises, you may need to enlist the help of someone else who is better qualified. As with all wands cards the emphasis is on speed, international travel may feature the Initials A, L & R are important. You may need to back down in a discussion with your closest & dearest & you need to watch for the colour yellow having some significance.

The Queen of Wands – Blossom like a sunflower, Change your outlook Become a beacon of light

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