The Four of Pentacles – Be wary of material things, the answer lies elsewhere

four of pentacles tarot meaning

The Four of Pentacles.

The Lord of Earthly Power

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card – Meaning in a Tarot reading :


The Four of Pentacles Appearance :
Disembodied arms grasp a Pentacle tightly, three other Pentacles have escaped this grip. A small hamlet can be seen in the distance.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card – Interpretation

The meaning of this card is that after certain material success, the questioner is unwilling to let go past successes and strive for improvement. The Four warns of becoming obsessed with material gain at the expense of everything else. Is the questioner concerned with keeping up with the Joneses, with acquiring the latest gadgets, has he lost sight of the true meaning of his existence? This card warns that true creativity can not occur if too much focus is placed on material possessions. Material things surely make us feel secure but to strive for this security hinders our creative process. The Four warns against becoming too greedy and withholding money, favours or even our feelings. When we become successful the problem we face is complacency, what would happen if success disappeared tomorrow. As with all cards in this suit we must strive to reach above and never stop moving forward to develop our lives.  Whenever the Four appears in a free online tarot reading challenge yourself, do not think ” How can I possibly afford to follow my dreams?”, the old adage that what ever you giveaway comes back twofold has never applied to another card more than the Four of Pentacles. Sometimes it is good to start again from scratch, to give things away, to develop a more flexible financial outlook. When we have fear of letting go we find that we become hemmed in by material circumstance.

The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card – Correspondences

Zodiac :   The heat of the sun and the astrological symbolCapricorn.

Alchemical Elements : Earth.

My Relationship with The Four of Pentacles

When the four appears in my reading, I know that my creativity will be stifled by concerns as to how I can meet my commitments. Many times in my life I have neglected to follow my dreams for fear of financial ruin. I needed to develop a prosperous outlook, I needed to believe that wherever my life led me, I would be able to support myself and those that are important to me. On several occasions this has led to me moving abroad for extended periods of time. Every time that this has occurred, the longing for my loved ones was barely balanced by the financial gain. Even as I write this blog I am on an extended business trip overseas. I am fortunate that my loved ones get that I need time in isolation to develop my site and study more of the subtleties of Tarot that are my happy place. I know that I’m not far away from turning my relationship with the Tarot into a career that can support me full-time, The Four of Pentacles warns me not to become obsessed with the money necessary to achieve this success. In psychic texts The Four of Pentacles tells me to develop my capabilities, look to the long-term picture and build the foundations for the life I know that I can achieve. Release the Pentacle from your grasp and accept that the universe will provide for you, that is the lesson of the Four of Pentacles.

The Four of Pentacles – Work hard for success but realise material possessions are not the answer.

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