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I love Tarot, I live Tarot & never bore of talking Tarot. I am constantly asked which Tarot spreads I use. Some sitters have been on my site & reference my Love, Life & Destiny spread, whenever someone visits me you can rest assured that the reading will focus entirely on that important individual. I have a few personal Tarot spreads & am obviously asked to perform the universally popular  Celtic Cross Tarot Spread on a daily basis. The very nature of Tarot means that each spread contains a random selection of the 78 keys, forming a unique story for each sitter that reflects their current life path. My spreads of choice are the Tree of Life Tarot & my own spread reserved for special occasions . Some of the more commonly known spreads that I use are listed here. 3 relatively simple Tarot or Rune spreads. I will keep them clear, graphic and brief. As your relationship with the Tarot develops you can begin to make up your own spreads. Those are the ones which will work best for you when you begin to trust your intuition. Below are a few of my favorites. Remember, when spreading the cards, shuffle thinking of the question. use your energy to focus the cards on what you or your questioner would like answered. For a quick spoken 1 Tarot card visit my free, fun, online talking funfair Tarot machine.

Very easy Tarot – The Three Card Tarot Spread 1. The Past 2. The Present 3. The Future

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I hope you enjoy my free readings, Paul O’Mara

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