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Today I am perusing the Court, or family, of pentacles, The court cards can undoubtedly be the most difficult cards to interpret in a Tarot consultation. In my opinion the Court of the Suit of Pentacles is the most down to earth & accessible of all the suits.

The strong earthly element inherent in this suit will reveal how these characters reflect what could be happening in the life of the questioner.

The Suit of Pentacles refers to Earthly matters, financial opportunities, material aspects of life. However I often sense a correspondence to health & more specifically a healthy outlook around the Pentacles. The struggle for riches & wealth has absorbed our society, though in fact it is the riches you build in your soul that will be of far more value in manifesting a fulfilling life.

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The Page of Pentacles

The Rose of the Palace of the Earth.

Seen contemplating his Golden Pentacle, you can feel that the Page is ready to catch the next wave on his journey to success. Study, scholarship and reflection surround him & often he can, as all pages, be a bearer of messages, either literal or through the subconscious. His awareness is blossoming, the excitement of realising that he can manifest his dreams through the power of positivity & hard work is a heady period for this character.

When this card appears then the questioner, or someone connected with them is germinating ideas or opportunities that if nurtured with enthusiasm & focus, can undoubtedly reap the rewards in a life changing venture that could literally pull dreams through to the realms of reality.

The Knight of Pentacles

The Lord of the wild & Fertile Land.

The Knight of Pentacles card finds my Knight on a calm black horse, stationary in front of a ploughed field. The Golden pentacle hangs in the sky like the sun. Stable, trustworthy & respected. This Knight can take the enthusiasm & spark of the Page & methodically bring the situation to fruition.

If this card appears to a questioner, they need to establish a methodical routine & be especially careful to avoid becoming distracted from their primary focus. This Knight can indicate that someone involved in the process is a perfectionist & must be encouraged to see the bigger picture, without becoming lost in the details of the task in hand.

The Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of the Thrones of the Earth.

My Queen appears before rolling lush green fields with Glastonbury Tor in the distance, under a sky that begins to brighten after a storm. In the foreground are a rabbit & a strange goat / fish hybrid creature. The Golden Pentacle is seen behind a clear crystal ball, under a canopy of roses an eye symbol appears to form from the clouds.

When the Queen appears to a questioner she generally represents a woman contented with life who is reliable & is now ready to enjoy the spoils of a more relaxed life, actively seeking out experience that is truly important & enriching to her & her family. The energy represented by this card is of someone very practical & supportive, who is the embodiment of the down to earth outlook of the Court of the Suit of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles

The King of the Thrones of the Earth.

The King of Pentacles is a modern King who has mastery over all he touches. The grapes indicate that he is able to harvest success from any situation.

The King of Pentacles has the Midas touch combined with a teflon coating, any problematic situation just seems to slide away from him. He has achieved many of his ambitions, though his lust for life forever presents new opportunities to be explored. He has a genuine care for the wellbeing of others, he is particularly excited by motivating those around him to reach for their goals & fulfil their true potential. Should you receive the King of Pentacles in your reading, you can rest assured that with a plan you can turn any creative idea in to a wildly successful venture. Though he is down to earth this king definitely veers towards the better things in life & has worked hard to engineer the lifestyle he deserves.

I hope you enjoyed meeting the characters of the Court of Pentacles

As always I wish you only the best x

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