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As the darkness of winter threatens to be challenged by the promise of spring, I can feel the potential of the world again. I am ready to emerge from my hibernation to take up the challenge of the New Year. This winter has been challenging, I normally try to escape to the sun for a few days to recharge my batteries, this year I have been too busy & have had to struggle with the Seasonal affective disorder unaided. Being woken in the dark, dragged from the arms of sleep, by the un-natural beeping of the alarm is the hardest challenge to face.

I have recently re-discovered the power of creative visualisation. It is so easy to be distracted by the millions of external stimuli that bombard our senses on a daily basis that we often forget how to connect to the stillness deep inside us. I use the image of the Fool in Tarot to represent my inner voice, my innate potential. Whatever image you choose you should be able to see that image deep within your being, at the core of your psyche. I have embedded the Fool by stepping in to his world as the model for my Fool Tarot card, in fact he is also skin deep as he is tattooed on my arm, as can be glimpsed from my site logo. My inner voice is the naieve child within, still in awe at the potential of the universe, before I developed the many layers of my personality that protect me from my daily challenges. When I need to recharge my batteries I call on my inner Fool by closing my eyes and seeing myself retract in to the centre of my being. For some people this is at their base chakra, for me it is at the very back of my conscious mind. When I have tuned out the real world, I can feel the pure potential, I can tap in to my true power.


If I have trouble focusing my attention I often employ a mantra, a chant, to concentrate my mind through the power of repetition and to fade the distraction of the outside world. Used for centuries the power of the chant can not be underestimated. There are many hidden features on my site that reflect my journey of discovery, I have studied many doctrines, including Buddhism. I have found namyohorengekyo and ohmanepadmehum, the chants of two branches of Buddhism to be powerfully enlightening. You can experience the process by visiting my chant page here :

Focus Your Mind Through the Power of Buddha

Listen to the chants & clear your mind

Also included is a visual that I often use to boost my psychic energy levels through the power of the Wheel of Fortune card

Keep on looking to the future

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