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I have just spent the week in the beautiful city of Colombo. Exploring by erratic tuk tuk or air conditioned car, ( you are alternately dying from the heat or chilled to the bone, bring a sweater should you visit so that the Hotel or restaurant air con doesn’t give you hypothermia ). The exotic mystique of Sri Lanka overwhelms & excites in equal measure. The lack of air makes anything except a relaxed attitude impossible, the indecipherable Sinhalese letters, the palms & the exotic goods displayed by the lushly stocked fruit vendors carts, there are endless challenges to your senses at every turn.

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I am currently lucky enough to be travelling in the far east, researching belief systems & prediction in these fascinating cultures. In Sri Lanka four major religions are followed, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. All exist side by side, on every corner is a shrine either to Buddha or to Jesus, which will contain a truly beautiful sculpture & always be surrounded by offerings. I visited the Gangaramaya Temple & was fascinated by the incredible statues of the Buddha, I was lucky enough to meet the most serene of monks who did not even flinch when I had to make a fast exit, my unaccustomed bare feet were being scorched by the hot stone courtyard. Unfortunately the resident elephant was not there, apparently it was his day off, I wonder what he does with it ?.

I have taken part in several meditation sessions & was encouraged to let my mind totally clear of the thousands of distractions that haunt us all on a daily basis. This is far more difficult than it sounds & even though I have attended many meditation classes & Buddist centres, the authenticity I felt here was indeed an enlightening experience

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