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How to Create a Sacred Space

There are times when you feel like you want to drop everything and just be by yourself for a week. You want to get away from all the worries and frustrations of the real world. People experience a lot each day, we are constantly bombarded with images from advertising, maybe travelling on a crowded stressful public transport system. Problems with one’s relationships and finances can take a toll on one’s body, mind, and spirit. Even the pressure of keeping up with technology or what’s happening in social media land can stress us out. However due to your responsibilities and obligations, you might not have the time or money to spare for a getaway, even for just the weekend. One way that you can unwind is by creating your own sacred space in your own home.

My favourite sanctuary is created by visualising & then creating a powerful tarot spread. I particularly love imagining rituals & sacred spaces & then manifesting them in the real world.

There are several methods of turning any space into your personal sanctuary. You just need to find a place that other people don’t often use in the house or if you are lucky enough, garden. When I’m getting ready to perform a psychic reading on Phonebill I heave. ritual that separates me from distractions & clears the energy of the space I am using. When seeking sanctuary you should tell the other members of the family that while you are using it, the space is yours alone, and no one else can use it. This is a space where you spend time to relax. There are several activities that you can do to unwind, such as write a journal post, practice yoga poses, do meditation, or read a book. The choice is yours, be sure to make it your special time to re-energise your body and mind.

You need to identify the type of activity that can help you calm down. The activity must inspire you as well. It is something personal and might be something that you have never done before. One of my personal favourites is hypnosis, I have several custom made mp3s on my devices, though many different hypnosis tracks are available to download at very reasonable prices. The sacred place you create is to invigorate all your senses so that you become more creative and playful, leaving behind the stresses of your day to day existence. It is the time to leave all the worries of the real world and go within, drawing on our inner source. This divine inner world is where you’ll find peace and tranquillity.

While you are inside your sanctuary, experiment with various scents, colours, and textures to set the right ambiance. You can use red silk pillows on the floor, light up some candles, or fill the room with the scent of lavender. You can also decorate the room with yoga figurine or a Buddha statue. Find out how the figurines affect you and your personal quality time, you don’t need to be religious, anything can serve to focus your intention. It will take time to find the right combination, so you need to have some patience and just have fun.

The sanctuary is the perfect space to have some  silent me time. Or you can choose to have some music in the background. The genre depends on what can make you feel relaxed. There are some people who prefer classical music. Other people love hearing chants. There are people who do their meditation with sounds of flowing water or the rain. Pick the right background music that puts you into a serene state and visualise calmness. A very powerful visualisation is to imagine a shower of white light flowing over you and cleansing your whole body, taking away all negative energies that you may have acquired.

Scented cream will be handy in your sacred space. Take some of the cream with your fingertips and apply it to your arms and hands. Do breathing exercises while massaging your hands and arms. You should just focus on the breathing and don’t worry about whether you are doing it right or not. Take a deep breath, hold it for 3 seconds, and breathe out, imagining any problems leaving you once and for all.

A glass of clean drinking water must be available for you in the room. Take a sip of water and express your gratitude of being able to replenish naturally. While you are inside your sanctuary, you should not think of any goals to accomplish or any expectations. It should be a time to rest your mind and body. Do what your intuition is telling you. There’s no set activity while we are contacting our inner source. If you think it is best to lie down then go ahead. You can also write if you have the urge to do so, you may be surprised at what surfaces in a relaxed meditative state. If you want to explore the meaning behind anything that is revealed during your meditations a chat with one of my best phone psychics could shed some light on what your subconscious is trying to say to you.

The space and time are for you and you alone. This is something that every human needs to have. Most of the time, we think of our needs last but when you prolong ignoring self-care, it will be much harder to recover from it. The recovery would take much longer. That’s why it is important to think about your own sacred space right now. To start the process, close your eyes and visualise the room or space if you really have no room to spare. You can also look online, go to an art gallery, or perhaps an open area like a park.

You don’t need to spend a lot in order to create your sacred space. You can use items you already own to create that space. You might have a yoga figurine or a Buddha statue stored somewhere that you can use as a focus. I have several and like to make an offering of a single flower whenever I feel the need to focus my energies. Keep in mind that you need to have calming items in your sanctuary to promote peace and relaxation. The space will reflect your personality as it brings calmness to your chaotic world.

As always I wish you all the best,

Paul O’Mara

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