The Magician – Hotline to the Divine

The Magician Manifest the courage to follow your talents wherever they lead …

Meaning in a Tarot reading :
‘Gift of the Gab’

Appearance :
A phallic Magic wand connects Heaven & Earth. A hypnotic character,
The Magician has convinced the Fool to relinquish his bundle & has
exhibited the contents on the table. They are represented by the Sword
for Thought / Air, The Ornate cup for Emotions / Water, The Pentacle
for Senses / Earth & the Wand for Creativity / Fire. All of these
items were represented in the Fool’s pack, however it took the skill of
the Magician to show their true power &

Interpretation :
The Magician symbolises power. He has all the tools necessary to create
any situation or direct his life in any given direction. The Magician
has immense power but should be treated with care. Do not be drawn in
by his mis -direction, tricks or sleight of hand. He can talk anyone
into anything so be careful not to be seduced by his clever language.
If the Magician appears in a spread he is telling you that you have
access to his power. You may well be in a phase of your life when you
feel you could achieve anything.

Correspondences :

Path : 2

Trump : 1-Magician

Hebrew Letter : beth,

Element Planet Zodiac : Mercury

Deities : Thoth, Hermes

Animal : Swallow, Ibis, Ape

Plant : Vervain, Palm

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The Magician Manifest the courage to follow your talents wherever they lead …

Paul O’Mara

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