Tarot The High Priestess | What lies behind the veil ?

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The High Priestess, Secrets Will Be Revealed.
The High Priestess is the personification of veiled power.
Tarot Meaning The High Priestess

High Priestess Tarot Meditation

And I heard her voice only in my mind, almost telepathically.  “To pass and enter the temple of initiation you must travel between the pillars of black and white, through the veil of pomegranates after absorbing all the information I have for you.  Are you ready?” I faltered. I knew I was not prepared. This wisdom cannot be revealed.  It must grow within your heart.  Seek to hear the unsaid and perceive the invisible.
The High Priestess has the power of second sight and proves it to the fool by showing that she knows all about his life and lack of direction.  She has information that will help him on his journey, and provides it in the form of ancient wisdom contained in the scrolls that she hand him to advise.  She is the very embodiment of intuition.  Trust your own voice when the High Priestess appears, she often appears during psychic text readings as she can quickly reveal answers in the most challenging situation.  The High Priestess has all the answers for the Fool on his journey and she has yours.  The High Priestess.  What secrets will be revealed?

The Priestess is the next portal on the journey to your inner self. This is the domain of the High Priestess, the Priestess of the silver star.

This is the temple of initiation, you have been here before, on the edge of consciousness. The dual pillars represent a stark choice. 

To manifest the future you desire there are no more excuses, man up, release your old self. Change now, step in to your brighter future.

The Priestess knows all your secrets, talents need to be revisited. Her powerful intuition is yours now in this moment, what potential is as yet unfulfilled, What big idea needs to be explored?

The infinite mysteries of the Priestess are hidden beyond the veil of pomegranates just behind her. This wisdom is not yet visible to you, it must grow in your heart. Seek to hear the unsaid, perceive the invisible.

The Priestess has the Hebrew letter Gimel, the vehicle of light that connects your subconscious to your conscious mind. The internal voice also lives there, ‘don’t do that, everyone is watching, who do you think you are’. The voice will never leave us though we can prove it wrong by having the courage to allow the fire in our soul to ignite our dreams.

The Tarot is a journey that for me will never end. Whenever I enter the Temple of the Priestess in a psychic tarot telephone reading, answers are always forthcoming. We’ve met thousands of times, she is always so mesmerising, so aloof, hypnotically serene.

Ruled by the moon, her veil obscures the deepest mysteries of our existence, hidden in the pool of the subconscious behind her throne.

Challenge your inner voice, empower yourself to grow. Live in the present, reimagine your future. All can be revealed in the Tarot the book with no pages, the oracle of destinies.

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