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are you ready to be loved?
Tarot The Lovers – Meaning & Meditation

I awoke in a beautiful garden. A perfect young naked man and woman engrossed by their obvious love for one another. Behind them astrological symbols and representations of the five senses bloomed. Startled, I noticed a serpent slivering towards the loving couple. A mischievous angel appeared and I heard him say “Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium? Should they yield to this the eternal love that could propel them into the light will disappear. This is the everlasting truth. Do you comprehend?” With that he was gone and I was back in the present.
The Lovers depicts a young gorgeous man and woman intertwined and naked. They appear as Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. The tree of life is evident behind Adam and the tree of knowledge, of good and evil appears behind Eve. The serpent lurked menacingly. The sun burns behind and the winged mischievous angel appears as an apparition.
The Lovers card represents all aspects of relationships and the myriad choices connected with this exciting aspect of life. Its appearance in a spread indicates some decision about an existing connection. A romantic temptation or a choice of potential partners. Maturity means sacrificing the selfishness of adolescence to pursue a mutually beneficial relationship. Difficult choices may be indicated. Whatever the options choose carefully as the outcome will have far reaching, long lasting consequences.

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The question is always the same. When will I find that connection, my missing piece. Who will allow me to discover myself, who will love me? Every clairvoyant, soothsayer & crystal-gazer knows, falling completely in love with yourself is the only magic that allows you to fly.

In a psychic love reading one of the top questions is : ‘When will I find true love? ‘

We should always remember that love creeps up on us when we aren’t looking, Cupid’s arrow comes out of nowhere. That, & to always love ourselves first, that’s a given. Put the real you out there with all of your cracks & perceived faults. This is what someone will fall for, this is when your two halves will fit, make you catch your breath when you see them.

Lovers affirmation

Tarot – The Lovers – Can you sense the temptation that threatens the equilibrium? Should they yield to this, the eternal love that can propel them into the light will disappear, this is the everlasting truth.

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