Accept the differences – Transform Your world

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Whenever I give readings one of the commonest, yet hardest, concepts to get across is that sometimes the questioner needs to be ready to accept change within themselves in order to make a new start or achieve their goal. Sounds simple but is one of the hardest concepts to get people to accept.

Inspiration & Tolerance

When you meet someone who inspires you they were sent to present a lesson that you were meant to learn. Likewise when you encounter someone who pushes all your buttons, you guessed it, they have a lesson in tolerance or acceptance that could help you develop as a bright spirit.

Focus on your uniqueness

You are a unique energy. You were put here for a specific purpose. You will face challenges that will enable you to become the best possible version of yourself, if you decide to reach for the possibilities that are presented to you.

If you actively start to assess why some people inspire you & equally why some infuriate you it becomes apparent that inspirational people represent the light, they have some quality that you aspire to or would like to acquire. People who infuriate you are a ‘dark mirror’ to some aspect of yourself that you would rather not existed, that you wish could be transformed.

Work to accept the differences & transform your world

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