Surrender to Your destiny

hanged man tarot meaning

The Hanged Man has found a different perspective, all issues look different from here. He has released his ego, changed his priorities. He has put himself in this position of contemplation, a long road has brought him to this crossroads, he knew it was make or break. Can you imagine how powerful he can become when he chooses to no longer be suspended ?

Never underestimate yourself, your journey is significant, your opinion matters & to those who love you you are the world.

“Release yourself from suspended animation, surrender to your destiny.”

The Hanged Man symbolises a form of spiritual hibernation, is it now time for you to emerge with a raised vibration, energised with a totally different outlook? Release yourself from suspended animation, surrender to your destiny.

What’s up old man?

The younger me stares out from my Hanged Man card. That young man had no off switch, would literally move countries on a whim. If he wanted something he was going to get it, life really was a funfair ride.

This young Hanged Man had the thirst for life but no idea really how to do it. Careering through chaos – the image from this card is maybe 30 years ago though I can easily step in to that mindset as if it were yesterday, I simply don’t have the energy!

A period of introspection, what is old, what is new. What are simply emotional echoes.

The Hanged Man gives us a rush of blood to the head, reigniting our dreams. Engage with your upside down self, tap in to your authenticity, allow your light to shine. Our busy lives are waiting to force us back in to previous behaviours, present what we think ‘they’ want us to be. 

The influence of Neptune ignites almost clairvoyant visions, personal magnetism allows you powerful intuition that completely exposes the motivation of others. If someone is pulling the wool over your eyes at the moment I think you cab safely tell them to ‘do one’.

Deep down inside you now know who you are, why you are here. 

How powerful will you be when you are no longer suspended?

Hanged Man Invocation

“This man is at a crossroads,

he is on the way to understanding the unknowable.

He knows the truth and can release himself though is not yet ready.

Do you know how powerful he will become when he is no longer suspended?”

I hope you can make today a great day for you

Detailed Meaning of the Hanged Man Tarot Card

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