Stand Firm in Your Beliefs

keep the faith

Seven of Wands – Come on soldier, you are stronger than this. Time to stand firm on our beliefs, remember whatever chaos we feel around us is transitional & will pass. When circumstances & environments seek to confuse, destabilise, the Seven gives us the strength to become the warrior that can not fail & will prevail. We need to identify who our true confidants are. Be prepared for surprises, ready to stand firm yet remove ourselves from conflict If at all possible. Solitude, preferably in nature, will reset our internal compass. Mother nature will absorb our imbalance, recharge our internal battery. We are spiritual beings, the answers to all of our questions are inside waiting to be discovered, then crucially, respected. The Seven of Wands gives us the strength to face all of our dilemmas, external & internal. The clock is ticking, are you following the path that brings you joy or simply existing in a day to day with no set destination? A reading with one of my trusted Psychics, Clairvoyants & Tarot consultants can confirm you are on the right track.

“become the warrior that can not fail & will prevail”

In a psychic telephone tarot reading the Seven says: Go forth with confidence today, choose your battles wisely, most are totally not worth allowing on your radar. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, will any of this matter in a years time? Be true to yourself, keep your mind firmly on your goal. Persevere, do you really want your goal enough, are you even clear what your goal is. If you don’t know your ultimate destination, any road will take you there. Go forth & be happy today soldier, wherever you find yourself.

The Seven of Wands, it’s time to fight back. When this card is drawn someone has been biting their tongue & just rolling with the punches for a good while. This card is the mental moment to say ‘Enough’ 

Time to have the guts to shutdown the know it all who riles you up, the person who belittles or generally makes you feel less than. This card set us banking the the courage to be ourselves regardless of what anyone thinks.

Big news, sometimes that person who puts us down is ourself, the internal voice that just won’t stop picking away at our confidence. Time to tell your shadow self to do one! You need to step in to the light & get stuff done.

An awful lot of us put on the mask, present the facade, this card is calling our bluff, gearing us up for a spring clean of who we think we are. Trudging is ok for a while, eventually we need to break out of conformity & start seeking out what really makes us tick.

The Astrological connection here is Mars in Leo. Time to be valiant and finally stand up for your beliefs. Be certain of who you are, keep striving for who you want to be. Choose your path, follow it & make sure that path is laser focused in your mind, take a jaunt down it every night as you fall asleep, one day when you wake up that path will have led you to exactly where you need to be.

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