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modern mystics

Reconnecting through mysticism. Over the years I have seen a marked growth in the numbers of younger people looking to engage with the spiritual to inform their life choices. When sitters used to appear I would always need to have the ‘chat’ about how Tarot, the Occult & Witchcraft were natural practices that need not be feared. That is definitely no longer the norm, many young people are now seeing how spiritual practice can amplify their individuality while revelling in the empowering mystical communities that are thriving, not only in the ‘real’ world, but also online through digitally connected & empowered tribes & consulting with experienced psychic practitioners.

As a reader you get a pretty good overview of how life is for people, a snapshot of the general zeitgeist of the moment. Tarot phone readings keep you connected with the general vibe, you get a sense of how perspectives are shifting.

During one to one readings I believe that the focus should be 100% on the sitter, it is ‘their moment’. It can be hard to reel people back to themselves as sometimes they want to try & focus on the people who are impacting them, or situations that are ultimately beyond their control.

In our turbulent world we need to focus on the one thing over which we have control, the one thing that we can change to make a difference.

Changing ourselves

As a reader I like to focus on positive change, life altering shifts in outlook that can be revealed by looking at someones story from a different perspective. Encouraging them to look at the script of their life. Just perhaps get them to accept some notes on their performance, play a slightly different part.

People as a whole tend to judge themselves pretty harshly. When Judgement appears in their reading it is simply time for them to rediscover their internal message. To blow away the cobwebs of self limiting beliefs, drop all the critical opinions. 

If they can lay themselves bare, focus honestly on where they are, where they ultimately want to go, then they have heard the clarion call of justice.

I try really hard not to judge people. I’m in no position to judge, I have enough skeletons & demons of my own to worry about. One area I need to work on at the moment is people judging my beliefs, I’m finding it best just to smile & walk away, Tarot is my belief system, your faith may be different, let’s just all play nicely shall we.

When Judgement lands in your Tarot reading you must release any preconceptions, respond to the clarion call of the trumpet to reveal the light within your self. Judgement allows you to see clearly, awaken confident that any changes or decisions will bring about any necessary transformations.

“open up to the magic”

The wellness movement & focus on diet and exercise aligns perfectly with spiritual development & is seen as a growing alternative to previous materialistic focus, encouraging intuition & re-engaging with the magic of life. Young people are looking to rituals that shine a light on a holistic path to empowerment. Visualisation is a powerful entry point to those seeking to engage with programme of enlightenment, one of my morning rituals is to zoom out & see myself from afar being showered in a flow of pure white spiritual energy. I see any resentments or obstacles being removed, or at least softened by my daily power shower. However you are heading in to the day or evening I wish you a truly transformational time of mystical madness, open up to the magic.

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