Tips To Prepare For A Great Psychic Phone Reading

accurate psychic phone readings

Forget the crystal balls, headscarves, supernatural powers, and any other preconceived conceptions you might have about fortunetelling when it comes to tarot card readings.

Consider it more of a conscious approach of connecting with your higher self than a magical encounter about your imminent demise. (Isn’t it lovely?)

Every Reader is Unique. Find Someone with Whom You can Have a Good Time

Not every tarot reader will approach their work in the same way. Some may ask you to shuffle the cards, others may want a dialogue before the reading, and others may simply ask you to sit in quiet – and that’s perfectly fine.

However, because tarot is all about building trust between you and your reader, selecting someone with similar energy and intent is crucial. A good reader will naturally tune in to your energy to give you a great reading & focus on your area of interest.

Make a Decision As To Why You Want A Psychic Reading

This can be difficult to determine until you have completed a session with the psychic reader. You could, however, approach a legit and trusted psychic reader with the help of recommendations, word-of-mouth credibility, and online reviews or ratings. 

You must decide why you require the services of a psychic reading. What is the nature of your requirement? It could be about love and life, or more general questions about where life is currently leading you.

Setting the proper expectations can help you choose the ideal psychic to meet and will also help you speak more clearly with your psychic about what you want and expect.

A readers view

From a readers perspective I feel If the tarot has chosen you as it’s servant your purpose is not to tell the questioner what to think or how to act, you need to leave them with alternatives for their subconscious to work on.

You plant a seed, it becomes an ear worm winds its way in to their thoughts. It might take their focus away from the mundane, become a circuit break, it might just allow them to make a better choice. That is what you are there for, that is your purpose.

Everyone has the evolving story in their head 24 / 7. The story of who they think they are. The internal author can sometimes get lazy, sometimes it is your job to shake up the script.

Always leave them inspired, you will go on an emotional journey, leave them with something fantastic & magical, like the best stories always are.

Some practical considerations

Consider your gut instinct when considering a reader, check out their website, do they offer free psychic tarot readings? Do they have an active tarot instagram where they engage with people in an authentic way? There are many sites that are a brand & have hundreds of readers, they might be called ‘Madame Zolas fabulous Psychics’ truth is Madame Zola probably has not a lot to do with the day to day. It’s important to note that a higher price does not always imply a higher-quality reading.

What counts most is the connection between you and your psychic reader. Psychics offer different readings depending on the type of reading the customer wants, their experience, their popularity, and so on.

Keep the following factors in mind when looking for the best psychic medium to perform your reading:

  • Ethics
  • Intuition
  • Professionalism
  • Experience
  • Capacity and expertise

Keep an eye out for psychic reader recommendations as another wonderful technique to ensure you choose the greatest psychic for your needs. For example, maybe you’ve been looking for a psychic online, but the one you’re contemplating is out out of your price range.

Be ready to ask questions

You should be aware that psychics go in to each session with their minds open, telling them where to focus isn’t a bad thing. Don’t expect them to be able to tell you your entire family history because they are merely vessels that connect to you intuitively to offer you some alternate future realities & hopefully solid advice. You might ask helpful questions such as “What am I doing badly right now?”

Take Notes

Most of the time, during a psychic reading session, you may not be able to capture all of the details at once, or you may not understand a specific statement made at the time. So it’s better that you should keep the record of your readings.

Looking through your notes may provide new insight into areas you may have overlooked previously. .

You Don’t Agree with What You’ve Heard? You Can Still Make a Difference

If your reading did not contain all of the answers you were seeking, do not be alarmed. A Tarot Reader explains, “The reading is a timestamp of your circumstances, and what you’re inquiring about.” “Some people may leave believing they have no control or agency over the events in my life, but this is never the case. You have the power to alter the course of events at any time.”

Be Open and Honest

Perhaps you’re being cautious as you build trust with your reader. (Understandable.) Perhaps you believe you must keep your identity hidden so that your reader can “prove themselves.” (Avoid being that person.) Simply remember that the more you share with your reader, the more they will share with you. 

Write Down Your Initial Ideas And Impressions

A reading may be a very emotional event. It’s beneficial to revisit the procedure later when you’re more grounded. Make sure the people you’re doing this with are well-chosen. For some, viewing a medium evokes complex emotions or contradicts particular belief systems, prompting them to be judgmental or critical.

Clear Your Mind

In order to prepare for the session, make sure to empty your mind. It’s only logical that if you’re going to a psychic for answers, you’ll have a lot of thoughts and questions on your mind. Don’t let them be overwhelmed by a chaotic thought process, focus on where you need results before your session starts.

If you want to get the most out of your reading, try to relax your mind and body in the days leading up to it. On the day of the session, you should concentrate on emptying your mind and relaxing your energy.

To keep your mind and body balanced and peaceful, try meditation or some deep breathing techniques. Your reader will be able to tell if your energy is off, which could throw the reading off, they may guide you in to a more peaceful state before they begin.

Bonus Points to Get the Best From Your Psychic Phone Reading

You probably came on this post while looking for advice on how to prepare for an accurate psychic reading. If you have thought about booking an appointment with a ‘psychic near me‘, you probably have a lot of unanswered questions. A remote psychic reading by phone can usually provide you with just as satisfying an experience & remove the thought that some of the reading was down to the reader picking up on visual clues or reactions.

Here are some last-minute suggestions to make sure you have a good time.

  • You are free to take notes while reading. Many psychics actually recommend taking notes, because you will never be able to remember everything that is said to you. As a result, carry a notepad or journal to your reading so you can jot down important topics.
  • Consider the questions you want to ask the psychic the day before your session. It’s fine to be worried, but make an effort to relax first.
  • If you’re calling a psychic or getting a psychic reading online, make sure you’re in a peaceful, comfortable, and distraction-free environment with a good internet connection.
  • Switch off your mobile device if your session is online so you can focus all of your energy and attention on the information being transmitted.
  • Chat with the psychic for a few minutes to increase your comfort level and make the session flow more smoothly.

Finally, remember to relax and enjoy your session!

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