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Urban Mystic – the new wave of ‘New Age’ seeker not only has a renewed interest in practical mysticism. They also strive to be street savvy & simultaneously spiritually connected & protected. Though many have disconnected from organised religion they are looking for answers as to how to balance similar ‘good’ & ‘evil’ concepts that inevitably cross their path on a daily basis. Love & protection is what it is all about, keep your side of the road clean, try & stay sane in our increasingly crazy world, just be the best Urban Witch you can be.

“whatever you are up to today, make it truly fabulous”

My sites are geared up to bring some digital spirituality across the airwaves, the Talking Tarot reading is going great guns. There are many more free readings & resources on my sites to get your magical juices flowing, including free Horoscopes & Astrology reports if that is your bag. We are gearing up for a heatwave in the Metropolis, whatever you are up to today, make it truly fabulous.

‘You don’t look like a tarot reader?’ 

Well what did you expect? A purple cape, a funny hat? (ok, sort of got that covered in this pic 🙂

I can do the full ‘Madame Arcati’ as good as the next person, doesn’t matter what psychic drag you rock up in, it’s the reading that matters. 

Tarot is my number one. It is the one system that has stood by me all my life. I’ve tried every other way to change my reality and for me, It’s only Tarot that delivers. For you it may be crystals or feathers, herbs or candles, it really doesn’t matter. When you find the key that unlocks your reality grab it with both hands.

My morning divination sets my intentions & when I slide in to bed I journey through my mental deck to take me to dreamland, it permeates everything I do.

We need magic more than ever. Whatever it is that activates your personal brand of magic, that makes you happy & leads you to play and experiment with your life, that is where your heart should lead.

If you ask me what my primary purpose is I would unreservedly say to be a student of Tarot. It’s what I was put here to do, it’s my passion & calling & for that I am eternally grateful.

I hope you live at full pelt today, get out there & give it your best shot.

Have a magical day

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