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When chaos engulfs us & wipes out our plans, we need to own our part, take control of what we can actually influence⁣

We can all throw all of our toys out of the pram, lie on the floor, kick & scream. We need to react differently to our default setting.

We need to interrupt our default pattern

The clock is ticking, are you following the path that brings you joy or simply existing in the day to day chaos with no set destination? Go forth with confidence today, choose your battles wisely, most are totally not worth allowing on your radar. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, will any of this matter in a years time? Be true to yourself, keep your mind firmly on your goal. Persevere, do you really want your goal enough, are you even clear what your goal is. If you don’t know your ultimate destination, any road will take you there.

We need to interrupt our default pattern, own the chaos, realise we are not who we were, we are who we are becoming.⁣

My early years were chaotic, probably why I am supremely comfortable when the peace is shattered & all hell breaks loose. I’ve got so much to do today I don’t know where to start. I think the only logical thing to do is have an Alice day, maybe run away, get lost in an adventure. It will all still be there when I get back.

I gave up long ago on trying to fit in, it’s really OK to be different it allows you to step back & see that life is beautiful chaos, we shouldn’t try & squeeze everything in to boxes.

You simply can’t control it, just roll with the punches. The comfort zone is there to be stepped out of, do something that challenges every day, it sure stops you from feeling stuck.

Use your past experience to move you forward, forgotten memories will resurface, possibly through dreams. Use your intuition to solve problems, don’t give in to your emotions & be careful to use your intellect to your advantage. You are your own master now & will make the right choice.

Own the change, take control of your destiny⁣.

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