the mask slips

omara tarot

⁣When a questioner appears for a tarot reading they step into a world that is sacred to me. Tarot is my religion.⁣⁣
⁣The best readings are where the connection is genuine and mutual. The sitter respects my process & we go on a merry dance between two souls. A dance of escape, truth, possibilities & imagined futures.⁣⁣

Tarot card readings are simply a doorway to an open honest discussion. The way readings are structured allows the questioner to open up about their feelings & thoughts. This can be a big responsibility, sitters often surprise with a curveball, the reading can become a session of life coaching, and I am more than comfortable with that.⁣⁣

let them have it both barrels anyway

⁣Sometimes removing the artifice of ‘the tarot reader’ is great fun, being raw, authentic & present in every sense. I love turning up not suited & booted, if it’s a party or a casual event. If it is likely that people are going to be merry or might dick about, I won’t take any of my precious Tarot. I go casual with some gypsy or fortune cards, then let them have it both barrels anyway.

⁣I love giving readings, being in someone’s universe for a short time, sharing their dreams & secrets. Then leaving them all behind & slipping off happy into the night.⁣⁣
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