Psychic Readings Over the Phone – Can They Be Accurate?

accurate psychic phone readings
the future is in your hands, how do you choose the right reader for you?

The palm reader held my hand, closed her eyes, quickly scanned my hand fixed me in her vision & said. ‘You don’t need me, you know what is going on, when will you finally allow yourself the freedom to be who you are’

This exchange was a long time ago & to be honest I was pretty pissed off that I had travelled all that way to be dismissed in one sentence, through an interpreter too.

She was right though, even today I have to push myself to have the courage to follow my path. Like a lot of things it stems, I’m sure, from childhood. ‘Don’t be silly, stop showing off & sit down’  Or worse doing something extraordinary & being completely ignored, unheard. I realise now that my parents were doing the best they could with the tools they had. I was more or less left alone in my fantasy world, it has served me well.

No ones life is set in stone, we can all steer the hand of fate”.

That was a long time ago, the practice of readings has moved on significantly since then, what are readings like today?

Psychic Readings Over The Phone

When it comes to psychic readings over the phone people are more worried that their reader may not be able to connect as well as if they were face to face. My expert accurate psychics & clairvoyants have confirmed that they are happier working this way as it allows them to be completely ‘in the zone’. Focusing in their own environment surrounded by their chosen tools, my readers can connect to the energy of the caller away from distractions. 

Psychic phone reading blossomed as a phenomenon in the late 1990s. The internet & World Wide Web now connects people all over the globe with talented psychics in real time.

About Psychic Phone Reading

A reading starts at the appointed time for the specific time duration you have purchased. You can always contact my reception to discuss which psychic is the best fit for you. Reception can also discuss psychic readers available now to provide answers to your most pressing questions. An average psychic phone reading would last about 30 minutes though the duration is up to you, you are always completely in control. A typical reading starts with the psychic asking your personal details such as callers name, birth date etc. Then the reading can commence, there is no pre determined structure to a psychic reading, a good reading is like a dance between two souls, exploring possible future quantum outcomes.

Phone reading gives a certain level of privacy & protects your identity. Most individuals feel comfortable speaking on the phone and that is often the reason they prefer psychic phone reading as opposed to face to face.

Psychic Readings When It Comes to Decision Making

When you are faced with a dilemma in life wherein you need to make a tough decision, then there is a possibility that a phone psychic reading method can help you by exploring previously unconsidered future possibilities.

How do I choose a Psychic

No two psychics are the same. Each psychic has their unique skillset & way of connecting with their client. You should allow at least 5 minutes to see whether you have a good connection with the reader, if not there really is no problem in returning to reception to use the remainder of your call seeking out a reader who really connects with you. 

Many psychics are clairvoyant, they receive visions during the session, & this energy drives their readings. Some readers are empaths who are extremely sensitive to emotional vibrations. Accessing and understanding the emotions & feelings of their clients come naturally to them due to their extraordinary foresight and remarkable intuition.

Many psychics are gifted with the power to tap into life energy fields to see where you are on your journey. The readings they give are based on the current phase of their customer’s life. They can also provide specialized readings in specific energy vibrations such as relationships, career or whatever the seeker would like to explore.

In every psychic reading, trust is crucial. When doing a consultation over the phone, expect the psychic you have hired to do most of the talking during the session. Not all psychics are capable of providing sessions over the phone, so those who offer phone readings can be relied upon to have the ability and the experience to do this special service. 

The life energy and vibrations coming from your voice are enough for these psychics to gain the information & foresight that they need to do accurate readings for the enlightenment and answers you wish to receive. 

Over the phone accuracy

A highly-skilled psychic can tap into a person’s energy field even at a distance and over the phone. People who used to have their fortunes read through traditional means such as crystal balls or tarot cards tend to think that it is counterintuitive to hold readings without physical interaction. However, a reliable psychic can do over-the-phone readings without relying on visual cues. 

Significant meditation and substantial preparation are needed to open the psychic’s mind. Connecting with many different energies can be draining for professional psychics & they need to be especially adept at ‘closing down’ at the end of a session.

I still show up for palm reading London reviews. If that is how you are finding me unfortunately after recent events palm reading became impossible for a while, most people have made a happy transition to a phone reading. Palm reading is still possible over video call, you need to check that your reader offers this service.

What to expect after your reading

The key is in having an overall positive outlook in life, no matter what the psychic readings may try to tell you. Ultimately it is your life. The psychic mat deal the cards, it is up to you to take the message & write your next chapter. No ones life is set in stone, we can all steer the hand of fate.

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