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Paul O'Mara Tarot

I am re-reading my favourite Tarot work

The Tarot – A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages by Paul Foster Case

he states :

“To reiterate ( The Tarot should not ) be used for vulgar fortune telling,
or to amuse a party of friends. If you yield to the temptation so to
abuse this information, you will pay for it in the loss of all power of
true divination, and probably in the loss of ability to control the
higher rates of psychic vibration. Thus the ultimate result of abuse of
this divinatory practice will be to make you more negative, more the
slave of circumstance, more liable to evil of every kind “.

I can assure you that I do not use the Tarot lightly, however I believe
the cards only release power within the reader or querent as opposed to having any inherent power of their own. The Tarot is in fact only a
deck of painted cards, although they can also be the mirrors of your
subconscious mind.


Tarot is my magical mirror. That magical place where you are completely lost in the moment. Any sense of who you are, what time it is, all becomes irrelevant. When your personal vortex draws you in you must fall through it, you are in the zone.

You never know how long you will be there, lost in your own dreams. Sometimes you can go there deliberately with meditation or when you catch yourself falling, on the edge of sleep.

When we are allowed to run free with our unconscious we may be jumped on by forgotten moments, flashes of inspiration. Suddenly a tiny detail expands in to a whole memory lost in the funfair of our mind.

We step through the curtain of the Wizard of Oz, we are like Alice Through the Looking Glass. The mundane world falls away, the magic begins. We are truly alive.

Tarot is that portal for me. My magic mirror, the one thing that is guaranteed to transport me to my other world of magic & possibility.

Drop down your rabbit hole today. Take 5 minutes to forget the pressures & restrictions of life in the ‘real’ world. You can go just as deep as you wish, just remember the way back out.

If you wish to step in to your own unique Tarot reading by phone you can connect with one of my extraordinary psychics who will be happy to discover what message the cards may have for you.

Have an extraordinary day.

Paul O’Mara Psychics

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