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Clairvoyants have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.

What is Psychic Power? and what types of psychic abilities do some people possess?
Depending on who you are, how you were raised and what types of things you believe in, psychic powers or abilities may seem a bit scary, and of course in some cultures ridiculed or derided. The fact is however that psychic abilities, while they hover in a bit of a ‘nether world’ between the known and the unknown, can actually be developed and used in very positive ways.  It has been said  that everyone has psychic abilities but only a very few actually realise and develop them. The void between science & the metaphysical has according to some started to shrink, with recent studies into ….
If you are still new to the world of psychic powers and abilities a good definition for them would be that they are a type of ‘6th sense’, which is any sense that doesn’t rely on the basic five senses that most of us are born with. These senses, if you didn’t know,  are our sense of  sight, our sense of touch, our sense of taste, our sense of smell and of course our sense of hearing. The term that some people use when someone has a psychic power is that they have a metaphysical ability or extra sensory perception (ESP).
Many people wonder if psychic powers and the power of intuition are the same and yes, in some ways they are very similar. Many experts believe that intuition is a type of altered consciousness and acts as a sort of precursor to someone developing their psychic powers. Some people believe that psychic abilities  are extremely strong intuition or intuition  at a high level.
The fact is, all of us are born with a sense of intuition that is quite heightened. As children we are curious about everything in the world around us and, in many cases, we are able to make connections between people, places and events that often seemingly have no connection at all. Many children create imaginary friends and indeed whole worlds and even new languages. As children our dreaming is also very active and in many cases the knowledge that we gain while we’re awake overlaps with the knowledge that we gain while we’re in bed, dreaming.
Sadly, once a child reaches school-age they begin to be processed into society, with parents and teachers constantly telling them that the thoughts they are having are either wrong or should be ignored. The average child quickly learns to push their intuition to the side, something that unfortunately happens all over the world to millions of children everywhere.
In many circles, including scientific, people believe that humans have reached the point where they need to start actively developing their intuitive or psychic self. Many believe that this will lead humans to make better decisions and live better, happier lives. It is also believed that through our psychic abilities and intuitions we are able to connect with the divine and indeed that any intuitive or psychic powers that we may have is a reflection of this.
As that hasn’t happened yet, most people who care to look more deeply into their lives will need to seek out help of people who have developed their psychic skills. With that in mind would like to present a list of all the different types of psychic powers and abilities that are currently known. If you’re looking for help from a psychic, this list may help lead you to the right one for your needs. (We’ve put them in alphabetical order just for the sake reference.)
When someone has the power of Astral Projection they have the ability to leave their body and travel as a spirit to a different place or location.
Someone who can Read Auras has the power to actually see energy fields that can emanate from other people and sometimes animals. Many times a person realises that they have psychic abilities because they see someone’s aura.
If you are psychic power is  Automatic Writing it means that the words that you write down on a page don’t come from you or your conscious thought but come through another outside intelligence and guidance.
If you are able to hear someone or receive messages from hundreds or even thousands of miles away you may be Clairaudient and blessed with the ability to hear sounds that are beyond the sound range of most people.
A person with heightened physical senses  is known to be Clairsentient. People that have this ability sometimes call it a ‘gut feeling’.
One of the most  well-known psychic abilities is the ability of Clairvoyance. Contrary to popular belief a clairvoyant does not necessarily have just specifically the ability to see the future but instead the ability to see things that are possibly hidden from sight, far away or otherwise removed from a regular person’s five senses. A clairvoyant can sometimes also get images in the form of symbols and other pictures.
When a person is able to have communication with nonphysical beings or energies (think angels  or ghosts) they are said to have the ability to Channel. Through them, the otherworldly being will have a voice or other form of communication.
Any method that a person uses to predict a future including fortune-telling, prophecies and precognition, is said to be using Divination.
If you are a person that can use a specific type of rod or stick to locate lost items and especially to locate water, your psychic power is called Dowsing.
If you are an Empath you can sense other people’s emotions and sometimes there residual emotions as well. To an empathy who has not been trained to use their power, these emotions can be quite confusing as they sometimes feel like the person’s own emotions. For many empath’s going to a public place and being surrounded by large crowds can be quite overwhelming. Similar to someone who can read Auras, many people realised that they had psychic abilities through their empathy.
Someone who can see into a possible future or even the past is called a Far-See and relies on energy patterns to see what the future will look like based on their outcomes.
A  category of psychic that is quite broad is the Healer. Interestingly enough, many healers realise that they have this psychic ability when they begin to notice that people around them are always upbeat, more energetic and feel better when they are around. Some healers use prayer to help others while some use the ancient laying of hands as well as visualisation and often times manipulation of energy. Reiki is a form of energy manipulation that continues to gain popularity
Intuition is something we’ve talked about already and many believe is the precursor to psychic powers.
If you are a Medium or you are able to receive messages and people who have died. This is a well-known psychic power  and quite popular.
Although not generally associated with psychic power, having the power of Mind over Body means being able to suppress your natural need for things like food, water or sleep.
Do you know about things that are going to happen before they happen? If you do you may be a Precognitive. Someone who has the power of precognition doesn’t necessarily have the power to know every single detail about the future, since it is a dynamic and ever changing construct, but is still able to see the type of outcome that a specific course of action. Occasionally these flashes into the future are quite detailed.
Similar to this is a Premonition.
If you are able to touch an item or a person and receive information from the touch, you are said to have a psychic ability of Psychometry.  A person who has this psychic power would be able to touch her and object that is owned by a particular person know details about them.
If you have the power of Pyrokinesis you are able to use the power of your mind start fires. (You are also cordially invited to come to our next barbecue.)
The use of a reflective surface such as a Crystal ball or pool of water, in order to be able to view future events is called Scrying..
One of the most famous of psychic powers is the power of Telepathy. A telepath is a person who can hear others’ thoughts and ideas will and also send their thoughts produced to another person. This is one of the most studied forms of psychic abilities in the world and the one that’s always gathering the most interest from the investigative sciences.
A person who has the power to move an object solely with her mind is said to have the power of Telekinesis.
Someone who uses tools such as tarot cards, crystal balls, tea leaves and even stones in order to determine things about another person is sometimes said to be a Tool Reader.
Transvection is the ability to levitate your own body or to fly, such as some Yogis or spiritual master.
Depending on the situation or the need that you have, the people who have these psychic abilities may be able to help you. We hope that this blog and detailed list have been not only interesting but valuable and we wish all of our readers the best of luck with finding the psychic they need.

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