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The Power of Hypnosis

I am currently on holiday & have spent my days lazing in the sun being reprogrammed by some very powerful hypnotherapy techniques. I say reprogrammed because your subconscious is affectively a computer & any defective traits can be re-programmed. Just as any new forms of thinking can be easily embedded.

Many of us have seen hypnotists at local fairs or other events. Those that have seen them perform are greatly entertained; people seemingly follow every command of the hypnotist with no self control or conscious awareness of what is going on. In entertainment hypnosis this is rarely the case as stage hypnotherapy relies on the fact that the participants are aware at some level what is happening & would never do anything against their will. The mind is a powerful thing and can perform some truly amazing things. The power of hypnosis is the power of changing one’s mind on the subconscious level in order to affect decisions in your conscious state. This changes your outward personality without you being consciously aware of what is happening. This prevents your conscious self from blocking yourself from making the wanted decisions.

Hypnotism is much more complex than just being made to do funny things in front of an audience. When you are hypnotised you are being dealt with at the subconscious level. As your conscious is asleep this opens the door to access your subconscious. Your conscious is where all of your reasoning lies which can prevent yourself from doing things that your subconscious might allow you to do. When you are functioning at the subconscious level you don’t know what is real and what isn’t so you are allowed to have changes made that you otherwise wouldn’t. This opens the door to being able to make those changes in yourself that would otherwise seem impossible to make.

There are many ways to apply the power of hypnosis. A rhythmic voice can be quite captivating, some of my  most accurate psychic readers have a voice that draws you in to the reading, allowing you to absorb all the details. Many people use it to overcome bad habits in their lives such as smoking. When you have bypassed your conscious mind and are dealing with your subconscious or unconscious self you are also bypassing all of the roadblocks that can prohibit you from making the changes you want to make. You can hypnotise yourself into believing that these bad habits are truly bad for you and create a desire to never do them again. It also works for doing difficult things like starting to exercise or eating healthier. You can be hypnotised into changing yourself on a deep level in order to make these improvements in your life.

To allow yourself to be hypnotised to make serious changes in your life can be a wonderful thing. Things that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do are made easier through accessing that power of the subconscious. Things that seem impossible are made possible by simply changing the core of your thinking. There are many negative connotations about hypnotism in general but the power of hypnosis is a great tool that has helped countless people achieve their goals. It has certainly revolutionised my thinking & undoubtedly changed my life. You can experience the power of hypnosis with many free MP3 downloads that you can find online. They can motivate you to achieve your goals. One of my favourites is a shamanic drumming experience that leads in to a meeting with the wise old man. Try several until you get comfortable with the experience & then investigate different techniques to transform whichever area of your life you feel you need to transform.

Break the chain of repetitive behaviour – reinvent your life.


This meditation video is one of my inner journeys, cliche I know, though the monk is one of the personas from an old hypnosis I used to listen to endlessly, he’s stuck around. 

I’ve always been fascinated with meditation, diving in to the pools of my subconscious, leaving the trials of reality behind, so repetitive, so exhausting. Meditation allows us to leave the noise, the myriad distractions, slip away in to the silence.

You don’t kneed to be a blissed out yogi or a buddhist monk to find inner peace. You’ve probably experienced nirvana yourself, on a sun lounger listening to a favourite playlist

When I properly started meditating this is how I saw myself. I’m a proper Aries, if I’m doing something I’m going full on deep dive. An Indian friend of mine said he felt like he was at his aunties flat. It was incense, Buddhas & Ganesh every where. 

I was really lucky to sit with monks in Sri Lanka. They were great, you don’t have to be diol to be spiritual. I joined several meditation groups & classes, always chasing the ‘perfect’ mantra, instant karma. 

Slowly I realised that my idea of meditation was quite limiting. I made friends with hypnotherapists who took me deeper on journeys to the edge of my subconscious.

Shamanic journeying was next, one of my faves, I often dive through the vortex, see which spirit animals or teachers are waiting to escort me through the underworld. This is a great way to expand your consciousness & a great way to prepare for telephone tarot readings as it puts you in a very receptive frame of mind.

Buddha regularly appears to people in a dream which often leads to an interest in chanting. That is why I have used the OM symbol as a focus.

You can use any symbol as a focus in your mind, focus on the breathing, allow any sounds to send you deeper in to a fantastic daydream.

Paul O’Mara

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