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I sometimes have an ongoing conversation with people after I have given them a reading that reveals they are ‘stuck’ in their lives. The hardest lesson for someone in this situation is that they must look inside themselves for the way forward. Though I, or one of my team, can offer advice and identify problem areas that need addressing, it is up to the individual to make the decision to manifest a better future. It is so true that if you always follow the same route, you will always reach the same destination. I am so pleased that this week someone who has been having a hard time ( You know who you are ! ) sent  me a message that included the following lines : “a time flash happened when i was sitting there, I saw all of the painful 7 years.. the lesson I have learned , the love, the mistake .. and so much regret .. i saw myself when i was 34 years old , and I could not recognise me .. and then a vision from the future hit me, when I reach 43 years .. I talked to this ‘future me’ , telling her ‘ i am so tired  , this path is very hard .. and lesson is extremely painful , you are stronger than me, I know you will be stronger than me, i miss you  .. ! “. This filled me with joy, what it tells me is that this lady has released the past accepted her present & is now moving towards a brighter future. That is all I can ask & I am so pleased that this lady is able to finally move forward towards what I know will be a brighter future. Creative visualisation is the key, your subconscious can only attract what you programme, so remember, focus on the positive & you will automatically start to attract a happier existence.

How do I deal with someone who is feeling depressed
There have been many times in my life when I have encountered people surrounded by darkness and yes, even despair. People who find it hard to see the positivity or light in any situation, managing only to dwell upon the doom and gloom that they believe surrounds them. It may seem a bit a cliché, but you have to try & change the person’s outlook, get them to ‘look on the bright side’. What were they doing before this period of gloom descended that they are not doing now? If the darkness descends I suggest grabbing a jacket, throw the door open wide and take that magical step out into the world again.

Forget heading to the shopping centre for retail therapy or any external ‘quick fix’.  Take a walk, reconnect with nature. Step out into your local park, woodlands, beach or lakeside. Walk through the space, breath the air and listen to the sounds around you. Take a moment to stop and sit, absorb the calming energy of the place you are in and then look around you. See for yourself how everything in that space is existing in harmony together, oblivious to the noisy distractions that we as humanity impose upon this world.
Make yourself a part of that perfect harmony, reconnect with the world that surrounds you. Doing this will allow you to throw off all of those needless distractions that work towards draining your energy and lowering your mood. Feel the contentment of coexisting peacefully with all that is and carry that feeling away with you as you leave that calming place.

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Once you have learnt to look inwards you can store these feelings & recall them during more stressful times. Think of a time when you felt totally sure of yourself, of your abilities and of your own self worth. Remember how that felt? You were positive, upbeat and totally validated in your self belief. Focus on that memory, that feeling, and let it flood you with positivity and confidence again. Choose a Major Arcana tarot card that corresponds to the area you wish to address,  fix it in your memory, use it as a Tarot guided meditation

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That’s all for today, Keep looking to the Future

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