Tarot – Gateway to the Mysteries of the Ancients

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Tarot is open to all regardless of faith or social status. Tarot offers a powerful opportunity to unite and interact with countless individuals, both alive and who have passed, sharing in a common thirst for an enlightening spiritual teaching and practice. Now after almost forty years of study I rejoice in being able to wander through the keys of the Major Arcana in my mind, of course I also realise that I have barely scratched the surface of the embedded mysteries of this, the most enigmatic of oracles.

Almost without exception, I have found that the Tarot fraternity share a common bond, a quest to find a path that embodies unconditional love and harmony. I truly believe that by persistent study of the greater mysteries of the Tarot, the keys of the Major Arcana one can uncover a path to higher consciousness, striving to be the best person you can, weaving the principles of this ageless wisdom in to the struggles and triumphs of daily existence.

I have studied many organised religions, even today taking what I believe to be useful forward on my journey. Predominantly the ideas of Buddhism resonate most strongly with me, I often find myself chanting in my head as I go about my daily business. Though I was born in to a mixed Irish Catholic / Church of England family I moved away from these teachings at an early age. Tarot has always ignited in me a belief in a higher power, a will or force bigger than myself, indeed bigger than all of us. I believe this power exists in us all, opening the door to greater understanding of the mysteries of life, an opportunity to live a fulfilling, fruitful existence if we are prepared to seek out meaning in our persistently turbulent world.

Tarot embodies many belief systems from Kabbalah, Astrology and Numerology. The Tarot is a complex symbol code that incorporates universal laws and principles that are embodied in all of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions.

My journey through the Tarot has re-ignited with increased intensity. I knew many years ago that I had no choice, The Tarot had taken me prisoner. I am so grateful to these magical painted cards, I now accept that this is a journey that will never end.

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